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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I never sold my position of Questor Technology (I guess I have a problem parting with my losers!!) It had a 20 percent bump in one day last month. There is chatter on stockhouse about maybe someone is accumulating to take this 'dog of a stock" private. Can you confirm how much cash is still on Questors balance sheet? My understanding is that the cash almost covers the current market cap. If so then a take private with a premium would still be cheap for the acquirer. How much per quarter would it cost questor to be listed on the venture exchange? Could taking this 'dog of a stock" private be viable if they could clean up a lot of S & G costs? Also if QST was taken private they could take the axe to upper management and also save some expenses. Right? So it could be a viable enterprise to a larger acquirer, right? I just can't see why this company can't get any traction in sales of equipment or contracts for rentals of their equipment. Apparently there is huge concern for the gases that are released with flaring of excess natural gas and, if you believe QST, they have a good solution to this problem. So why can't they get any sustainable contracts/sales? Is the concern over flaring gases just a lot of "hot air" talk and the truth is no one is going to do much to lower it? Or is Questor's solution really not that great or competitors have better options to solve this problem?Perhaps someone in the oil and gas industry who reads this question can comment since I don't really expect 5i research to have any intel on this problem.
Read Answer Asked by Paul on July 08, 2024
Q: Peter and His Wonder Team
I have to sell one of these stocks to meet my RIF withdrawal obligation for 2023. I have owned them all for years...CET is down; QST down more; QTRH up slightly. Of course since it is a RIF account there is no tax loss credit. So if you had to sell one...what do do think would be the best choice. Thanks for your opinion which is always objective and sobering which helps in my decision in which I take full responsibility.
Read Answer Asked by Ernest on January 29, 2024
Q: Questor QST is at 52 week lows and still can't seem to get an traction with their sales or rental of equipment that burns waste methane emissions. The CEO was ousted and then quickly reinstated. I understand that she got a termination settlement and then a signing bonus when she came back. If so is true then the BOD is really a bunch of clowns posing as buiness people. The auditor has also been switched, Does this happen oftem? I still have a small holding in this loser company. I don't think I will sell before 2024 in case tax loss selling is driving the the share price even lower, but I think it is time to run from this dog of a stock. 5i used to kind of like this company. What is your opinion now?
Read Answer Asked by Paul on December 19, 2023
Q: Hi 5i Team - Could you provide an update on Questor including your opinion on their 2nd quarter results, balance sheet, insider activity. Also could you explain the changes that have been going on recently regarding both the Board and Management. Does it have the management and cash flow/cash reserves to survive a sustained market downturn and possible recession. To me it looks like its technology is something that is very much needed in today's world.
Read Answer Asked by Rob on October 04, 2023
Q: I am doing a portfolio clean up in my wife's RRSP. The following companies are all down. Please provide comments on add, keep, or sell and your suggested order in these actions.
Largo (LGO)
Palantir (PLTR)
Questor (QST)
Relic (RHT)
Sangoma (STC)

Thank you Gordo
Read Answer Asked by gord on July 13, 2023
Q: Hi 5i Team - Could you provide an update on the fundamentals of Questor including cash reserves, level of debt, earnings etc. With this in mind, is it strong enough to weather a continued market slump in growth stocks. Does it have the potential for growth. Also can you provide your opinion on management, its background experience and its holdings of common shares. Has there been any significant insider trading lately. If I decide to finally move on from this stock do you have any suggestions for a replacement growth stock, not necessarily in the same sector.
Read Answer Asked by Rob on March 03, 2023
Q: The new additions to the growth portfolio appear very conservative. Especially after past picks such as xbc, qst, and mrs. Has the methodology of the growth portfolio changed? Big bounce potential? STN is near ath.
Read Answer Asked by Curtis on December 14, 2022
Q: The following are some of the companies Iíve lost money with and will sell for tax purposes. I am wondering what your opinion is re their repurchase as commented on below.

The following I donít feel I need to buy back, unless you feel differently.

The following I would like to buy back ASAP unless you feel otherwise. Considering the state of the market do you think I would need a proxy for the next 30 days?

The following are stocks I would like to buy back but donít see the urgency, considering how the market currently views these companies, notwithstanding their financial outlook.
COIN, LSPD (I already own SHOP), U, UPST

Thank You.
Read Answer Asked by Walter on December 14, 2022
Q: Is there anything of note in the 3rd Quarter release? The technology of QST and the world wide focus on reducing methane gases, one would think this company is in a sweet spot to increase sales dramatically - as per this statement from the president (below)... so help me understand why they are not signing oodles of contracts for their clean combustion technology solutions?
"Requests for proposals have increased significantly from both international and domestic companies, who are exploring opportunities to use Questorís integrated solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, eliminate flaring and venting to meet the new regulations focused on methane."
Read Answer Asked by Harry on November 29, 2022
Q: Hi 5i,
I need to access some cash by selling some TFSA holdings and hope you can give me advice as to the best way to go about that.
I'm nicely up on WCP and TVE, and with dividends accounted for close to break even on DBM. CTS, CURA, QST and WELL are down a lot, and GXE is down some but not too bad.
Selling 1/4 of the WCP or 1/2 of the TVE or DBM would cover my cash requirement, whereas I'd have to offload pretty much all of any one of the others at their presently reduced values to get where i need to be.
If I didn't need the cash I wouldn't sell anything at present, in the expectation that WCP and TVE will continue to do well, that DBM will at least hold steady, probably rise relatively soon and keep paying dividends, and that the others will find their way out of the woods in due course. But unfortunately I don't have that luxury.
Given the above, could you advise what i might best hold on to, and what might be best to sell in fairly short order?
Read Answer Asked by Peter on November 07, 2022
Q: I am down on these names in my TFSA account
CTS (-44%)
ENGLX (-73%)
QST (-28%)
XBC (100%)

Is it time to throw in the towel on all of these, consolidate into one name or use my next year TFSA contribution limit to dollar cost average down?

I also hold an ETF, VGRO, in this account which is down 13%.

Read Answer Asked by Donald on November 02, 2022
Q: Hello
I bought all these stocks believing they were well positioned for the energy revolution. Investors have not been interested in supporting these companies and now we have one of the first to go bankrupt. More to follow as QST has been on the ropes now for five years or more.
Fact is, when the sea if full of escaping methane (pipeline sabotage), who is going to pay a company to collect methane from cow dung?

Any thoughts on.......
What is it going to take from these companies to go broke?
How much more time do they have in public markets?
Any worth the pain of holding through another market crash?

Read Answer Asked by Dave on October 03, 2022
Q: Hi 5i
I'm looking at buying QST. Seems to be a good investment in green technology for the environment. I see the stock hasn't done much for a while. With all the new government money, both in the states and here, being directed at the environment, are they considered a player? How would you rate the stock and what might it do over the next year or two?
thank you
Read Answer Asked on August 08, 2022