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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: After selling ENGH yesterday, I am reviewing the above holdings and only want to keep stocks that have a potential to generate decent future income, over the next 5 years or may be acquired by another company. These are long-term holdings and I don't need the cash, but could use the tax loss. Don't want to sell any company with a positive future. Any of the above holdings that you would sell now?

Read Answer Asked by Grant on June 13, 2022

Q: Doc announced today a newly formed public sector division and recent customer contracts across North America that it says will provide “meaningful revenue diversification” and “opportunities to accelerate technology and service integration.”The contracts include agreements to provide integration and technology services to the New York City Department of Education, a substance use disorder solution to support the opioid crisis in North Carolina, and more than 100 new contracts to provide mental health support covering up to 50,000 new employees under subscription services. CloudMD also said it has added several contracts within the public sector division including for a major college employer in Atlantic Canada and mental health coaching for the employees of a major Ontario university. Would appreciate your overview on how significant this announcement is as it seems to tie into Biden's comments in these two areas in his State of the Union Address. The stock was up 20% on the news and traded on high volumes. Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Gordon on March 04, 2022

Q: I think I have over-diversified and I am now trying to condense my portfolio. I own these three and am thinking of selling one of them. Any suggestions on which one? or should I keep all three?
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by fiona on March 03, 2022

Q: Hi Peter and team, I don't hold any of the above stocks and they have done very well the last 2 years. I do own some of your favorites like BAM, TOI, CUS, SHOP and LSPD etc. How would you rank the above stocks and would they be good buy when the dust finally settles.


Read Answer Asked by Anthony on February 25, 2022

Q: Hi 5i team.

Doing some due diligence on DOC. Can you help me understand a few things?
1) Views on recent acquisition(s) and how they fit into DOC's operating model?
2) Can you dig into their fundamentals and explain current state?

When do they report next, and are there any estimates? I don't see much in the way of analyst coverage.

Many thanks for your help.

Read Answer Asked by Arthur on February 04, 2022

Q: Thank you for helping us navigate through the volatility with a cool head. I have 2 questions.

In a long term horizon 3 years and more for the above list could you separate them into 3 buckets and identify 1 group for which you would add funds, 1 group to keep and 1 group to sell? All stocks mentioned are now reduced to 1% or less in a non-taxable portfolio.
XBC -20%
AT -15%
CARE -50%
LSPD -45%
DOC -60%
WELL -30%
EGLX -30%
ENGH -30%

My 2nd question:

For the following securities in a corporate account with a 2-year horizon. Do the same exercise and separate into 3 buckets which ones you would add funds to, which ones are keepers and which ones you sell.
AT -50%
LSPD -45%
DOC -60%
WELL -30%
EGLX -30%
ENGH -30%

Thanks again

Read Answer Asked by Yves on February 02, 2022

Q: Please rank these telemedicine stocks as likely (1) survivor and consolidator, (2) acquiree, (3) flash in the pan and eventually bankrupt. Please include any other Canadian telemedicine stocks that I missed in this list.

Read Answer Asked by Brendon on January 28, 2022

Q: Telus, Maple, Well and others are Canadian stocks in the medical game in Canada and the USA. Are there other Canadian players in the same league? Can you please compare them from a financial performance, competitive and management perspective. Well has dropped by 50% since Sept/2021, very gradually. I'm wondering if there is a reason for the gradual decline. Is there a better stock in the same sector? Canadian or US. Also, is there still momentum pushing down WELL. Do you think it will be beaten by the competition in the next 2-3 years? Is it a sell from this perspective?

Read Answer Asked by TOM on January 18, 2022

Q: Hi 5i,
I wrote inquiring about the above names mid week last week but didn't get an answer - I'm pretty sure i hit submit but possibly not.
I'm down on each - on some significantly - and was looking forward to a post tax loss selling bounce, but none came. In act, all but WELL were down on January 4 before the interest rate news hit on the afternoon of January 5, and all have continued to drop like stones since. I'm concerned that droppage would be happening even if the Fed hadn't scared people about interest rates, and I have the depressing feeling I own a basket of stone losers.
If I sell out of each now and put the funds into some good dividend payers like ENB, SU, POW, BNS I might (hopefully) recoup my losses or at least cut them considerably by this time next year.
For each of the names could you tell me if you think it's a good idea to punt now before further losses accumulate, or are there any that you think have a reasonable prospect of returning to their early to mid 2021 levels by the end of 2022.
I really will appreciate your thoughts and advice - feeling a little beaten up right now ...

Read Answer Asked by Peter on January 10, 2022

Q: Hi there,

I know you’ve had many questions about DOC. You don’t really like averaging down. You do think DOC has great potential with some good contracts signed in past few months with good revenue growth through acquisition but it is risky. I’m not risk averse and I have an extensive well-diversified portfolio. I think so too but the stock price keeps dropping like a wet diaper. I’m in with 10,000 shares at an avg price of 1.64. I have time to wait and willing. All things considered…Should I jump in now at .98? Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Robert on January 10, 2022

Q: First and foremost, thank you very much for your coaching which makes DIY investing much easier.

In the more aggressive part of my portfolio which is otherwise well balanced, these stocks are deep under water but at a relatively low percentage. There is no tax implication and a 3 years horizon minimum. I know you don't like averaging down but at a year end and beginning of a new one, timing (sorry) could be an advantage.

Having said that I have 2 questions,

1-Would you go bottom fishing while the price is low and hope for a Santa Claus rally (hoped for) or wait till things settle down?

2-If I decided to add to these existing positions, could you rank them in order of preference with a short term view please.

Thank you and happy holidays to all team members.


Read Answer Asked by Yves on December 21, 2021

Q: Thank you for your recent tax loss opportunities list. I have been interested in Well for some time and am considering for just such an opportunity. I have also been looking closely at cloudMD. It looks like Well is forecasted to become profitable before cloudMD but the latter remains a compelling opportunity having dropped in price further with an excellent balance sheet and forecast earnings. Which security do you prefer and why

Read Answer Asked by jeff on December 07, 2021