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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hi Guys,

Thinking of cleaning house, do see any reason to keep these U:US, FOOD.CA, DOC.CA, AC.CA and DOC.CA.


Read Answer Asked by jim on June 11, 2024
Q: Hi 5i Team,

I have a handful of losers that I'm trying to decide what to do with. Using your crystal ball, which of these would you continue to hold and which would you dump?
Read Answer Asked by David on May 03, 2024
Q: Hi 5i Team,

I'm trying to clean up my US Portfolio so that I'm at 20-25 equities total. Please advise which 20-25 companies you would keep for a 5-10+ hold with balance/diversification but also some growth in mind.
Read Answer Asked by David on April 30, 2024
Q: I currently have BBU, BBUC, BN, CRWD, LSPD, MSFT and U in my TFSA account. BN, CRWD and MSFT have shown good growth but I have losses in the other stocks. I will be investing $7000 in my TFSA for 2024. Would you suggest any changes to my current stock holdings? For my 2024 TFSA investment, would you suggest adding to one on my current stock holdings or investing in another stock such as LMN, AMZN or LMN? Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Don on January 25, 2024
Q: Hello, I am down 25%+ on all of these companies and looking to do some tax loss selling prior to yearend. Can you order these companies in terms of what you would sell first? Would you rank these companies as Sells or Holds (or even Buys)? I am a long term investor, not a trader, so I'm hesitant to sell only to rebuy later, or to average down. I have some ability to do a tax loss carry back to recoup some of my losses from prior years (plus minimize my 2023 taxes).
Read Answer Asked by Dale on December 21, 2023
Q: Hi All at 5i!
I am significantly underwater in these stocks in my TFSA. Should I sell off the little I have left and redirect the funds. I don't need the money at the moment, but also don't want to throw away what is left. Do either of these have a significant future to warrant hanging on?? Cheers, Tamara
Read Answer Asked by Tamara on November 28, 2023
Q: Hello 5i,
Given that interest rates appear to have peaked, please rank the above list for:
1. Growth only
2. Your buying preference.
Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Dave on November 16, 2023
Q: Hello:
These are all underwater in US side of my TFSA. Please rate Sell, Hold or Buy.

What are a few nice growth opportunities on US side, looking 3-5 years minimum.

Thank you!
Read Answer Asked by Marilou on November 09, 2023
Q: Hi Everyone!
I have all of the above and am underwater on all but Nvee . I am cleaning up my portfolio. I am not in need of the money at the moment , but are any of the ones listed not worth keeping or do they have a good chance of recovery.
Read Answer Asked by Tamara on September 19, 2023
Q: Hello 5i,
Well over a year ago I made a note to look at these five stocks when interest rates peak and/or start to drop.
Recently I have heard commentary that the recent run up in price is largely short covering.
I'd love to hear your take.
Are any in this group investible yet and in what order would you buy them.
I have an above average risk tolerance.
Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Dave on July 13, 2023
Q: I hold UNITY and APPS , now less than 1% and at a substantial loss as part of a US $ registered account tilted to growth and, intentionally, heavy in tech. In addition to the above two, it has the following holdings, with % shown of TOTAL (U.S. & Cdn) portfolio, followed by % of profit/loss, Our Canadian portfolio is balanced and much larger.

META .75% (+21%) , TEAM 1.9% (0%), CRWD 2.7% (-20%),
QCOM 3.7% (+45%), MSFT 3.8%(+116%), GOOG 4.5%(+6%), and NVDA 8.8% (+200%).

I am looking at selling U and APPS and perhaps TEAM (?) , increasing META to about 1.5 and looking for something new. Maybe SMCI - but after the parabolic increase in the last month maybe that needs to be on a pullback. Anything about this that you would do differently., including alternatives to SMCI ?
Take as many question credits as needed - many thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Alexandra on May 30, 2023
Q: Do these 4 companies have the cash/cash flow to finance their current debt obligations? None of the companies are profitable I am concerned that they may not be able to raise the cash needed to fund operations in the current environment of rising interest rates, such that they may not be able to handle any debt due over the next year or two.
Read Answer Asked by Richard on May 08, 2023
Q: Im significantly underwater on these stocks. Can you please advise which ones youd hold, and which ones youd sell? Can you please also give 5 growth stocks in Canada and 5 in the US that you are high on right now in place of the above?
Read Answer Asked by Eric on May 08, 2023
Q: I hold the following in loss positions and need to raise some money and sell 2 of these dogs. In the past I have sold my winners hoping for recovery on the losers but I am trying to fight the psychology of that tendency. Could you rank these in with the 1st ranked being the highest conviction sell. Also, if inclined perhaps you could comment and provide your perspective on this most annoying human trait. John
Read Answer Asked by John on April 28, 2023