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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hello, I have bought these during Covid and now >70% down. They are in TFSA and RESP so I canít claim the tax loss. I donít need the money for next 5 years in RESP, and can hold for long time in TFSA, would you suggest holding them or take a loss and use the rest of the funds somewhere else (VRT or GOOGL)? Thank for your service.
Read Answer Asked by Rahul on March 15, 2024
Q: Hello 5i researchers,

I bought this ARKK ETF during the pandemic time ARKK's hype days. As of today, many stocks recovered from 2023 lows, but ARKK. I am kind of losing patience, especially watching their daily trade information they published, keeping buying losers and selling winners. May I have your view on this ETF? Hold or move on? Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Lin on March 07, 2024
Q: Good Morning
Your answer to a recent question regarding the difficulty selling your losers certainly hit home with me. I had bought ARKK pretty much at the peak buying into the Cathy Wood hype and also placating my need to not miss out on the next ďBig ThingĒ. The fund as you know invests in many new innovation and concept stocks.
Would you endorse a switch to something like Celsius? You have been positive on this stock months ago and I wished I pulled the trigger then.
Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Marty on January 17, 2024
Q: Hi Everyone!
I have all of the above and am underwater on all but Nvee . I am cleaning up my portfolio. I am not in need of the money at the moment , but are any of the ones listed not worth keeping or do they have a good chance of recovery.
Read Answer Asked by Tamara on September 19, 2023
Q: My TFSA, holds my riskier investments and is 3 % of my total registered and non-registered accounts. I am looking at adding one of these two for a weighting of 25 % within my TFSA, so total allocation of this ETF to all accounts would be less than 1 %.

What is the difference between them and which is more appropriate? Thanks. Derek.
Read Answer Asked by Derek on June 01, 2023
Q: So after listening to Josh Brown interview Ric Edelman this ETF was discussed and seems timely. Would appreciate your views on Mr Edelman who sounds plugged in to what the future may deliver (he does however predict the downfall of Alphabet which isn't the base case of many - you included). That aside wondering about this ETF and your current opinion on whether it's buyable. Given the possibilities of AI, robotics, potential developments in medical science and treatment - all things that may fascinate but about which many of us have very limited understanding or vision about - might you characterize this holding in an appropriate portion as a smart piece of an overall portfolio that provides investors with exposure to future areas of potentially exponential growth - and perhaps your take on this ETF vs the ARK ETFs re valuation, risk and holdings comparisons - appreciate your viewpoint.
Read Answer Asked by Ken on April 25, 2023
Q: Hi All at 5i!
I am giving my portfolio a spring cleaning. I have Arkk, Apps and Unity software, all of which are down significantly. I do not need the money and can hold these for at least 5 years. Is there hope for any of them should the market start performing better or are there inherent problems with them and should I just let them go . Your opinion is highly valued. Cheers, Tamara
Read Answer Asked by Tamara on April 13, 2023
Q: Hi Guys,

The above companies are well below water, I have a 3 year window before needing to sell anything, please advised!
Should I sell, I would be purchasing companies like td, kxs, doo.
Read Answer Asked by jim on February 13, 2023
Q: I hold the above stocks in my Unregistered,TFSA,and RRIF accounts. I understand that as of January 1, 2023, the IRS will require a 10% withholding tax when Canadian residents sell US stocks. Does this rule apply to sell any of the above mentioned my stocks ?

2) If I sell above Stocks before end of 2022, will I avoid paying new IRS 2023 10% withholding tax?
Read Answer Asked by Andrzej on December 13, 2022
Q: Hi! Doing some cleaning up and wondering if these are buy, sell, or hold. In reference to Shane's comments I also agree that it wasn't too long ago that so many advisors were recommending growth stocks at lofty prices. Having always been a more of a value investor I dipped my toes, but am feeling like I'd be too scared to ever enter any kind of a growth stock again. I know if interest rates peak you feel these can do well again but only time will tell and many investors have lost lots of money on the high growth names like in Cathy Wood's funds. Happy to hold any of these names if there could ever be a turn around. Thank you!
Read Answer Asked by Neil on November 09, 2022
Q: I know that this is an unfair question - sorry. I realize that ARKK and AMD are two different investments, but if 5i had a chunk of money to invest in one of these two, which would it be? On a similar note, is Intel a better investment than AMD?
Read Answer Asked by James on October 11, 2022
Q: Good morning, I have some USD in my tfsa and was wondering if you could suggest a few ETFs in the states where I wonít get charged a withholding tax. Can be growth or index oriented.
Read Answer Asked by Seamus on October 07, 2022
Q: Dear Peter et al,

Your answers seem to indicate that the bottom is near but will take sometime to get up to speed. You seem to suggest that a 3 to 5 year time horizon is a reasonable time frame to expect a recovery. (I am paraphrasing here!)

With this in mind which group of stocks would you choose. ARKK or FAANG group. I see that ARKK doesn't have the big names in FAANG except TSLA which some people don't include in FAANG!

An impressive bounce in ARKK , almost 10% makes me ask this question.
Read Answer Asked by Savalai on July 08, 2022
Q: Hi there, ARKK has dropped very dramatically - about 75% to 80% from all time highs. I believe the 2000 .com bust had a similar fall in terms of percentages. In your opinion, has ARKK bottomed out here? Do you think it's time to finally start buying in the $40 to $45 price range? Lastly, do you see comparisons in buying ARKK today, similar to buying oil in March 2020 after oil went negative and XEG etc collapsed? Thanks!
Read Answer Asked by Michael on May 20, 2022
Q: I am looking at 2 and 5 years charts for both funds and VGT was outperforming XQQ all the time in the last 2/5 years and didn't get cut as much. if you were to pick one now would you still go with VGT?
What is your view on ARKK now?
Read Answer Asked by JR on May 19, 2022
Q: I have now smallish positions in these ETFs held in registered accounts. ARKG at a 40% profit ARKW at a 60% loss and ARKK at a 64% loss. Do you see these recovering in the next few months or would you sell now and look elsewhere?
Please deduct credits as required.
Many thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Carlos on March 14, 2022
Q: I expected a blood bath this am with CPI at 7.5% and 10 year hitting 2%. The reaction is surprisingly mild. Even ARKK is up! Your thoughts please.
In spite of your 'do nothing headline' I checked out in January. Thinking of averaging back in or waiting for the Fed in March. What would you suggest?
Thanks Peter.
Read Answer Asked by Peter on February 11, 2022