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Q: Hi Peter and Company:
I am a growth investor, presently down on above 4 Canadian and 5 US companies.
Should I keep, sell, add or replace e.g. GC with TSGI.
Since US market usually outperforms CAN market I am fine buying all best US growth
companies that you will recommend...Ö..or mixture of US and CAN companies. Long term hold fine but not required. I will trade as required, i.e. when becoming aware of it. E.g. missed selling MX, where I had an nice gain but no alert to sell and now a significant loss.
Thanks for your advice

Read Answer Asked by Klaus on May 17, 2019

Q: Hi team,

Itís been a while since a question on PYPL. I have held SQ for a long time, but I am starting to warm up to PYPLís outlook. I have read a number of positive comments on PYPLís Venmo app, that competes directly with SQís payment app. Venmo seems to be growing nicely and closing the gap behind SQ in monthly transactions in a very competitive payments space. PYPL seems to have better momentum as well. SQ has always been one of your favourites and mine as well but to me PYPL looks attractive here. I am thinking about shifting some SQ funds to PYPL. It would help tone down my beta as well. What is your outlook these days for PYPL in comparison to SQ?

Thanks again.

Read Answer Asked by David on May 17, 2019

Q: Would appreciate your assessment of the merits of continuing to hold half-positions in BOX, NVDA, SQ, and SPOT, in search of above-average returns going forward and comfortable with risk. If you were on the sidelines, would you initiate new positions in any of the holdings, or alternatively are there merits in reducing any of these positions today in favour of more attractive risk/return opportunities in the US technology space (and if so, which tech opportunities have captured your recent favour)? Thanks for excellent services rendered.

Read Answer Asked by Michael on May 15, 2019
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