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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hi 5i Team,

I have approx. $100k USD of capital to deploy to a portfolio with a 3 to 5 year hold outlook with a focus on High Growth. Comfortable with higher risk.

I’d like to have meaningful position sizing so want to limit the # of stocks to 4.

The pool I am considering is COIN, SI, ROKU, NVDA, SHOP, AFRM, SQ, CRWD, and ZM.

My inclination so far is to go:
45% - NVDA – This just seemed like a must own to me. Semiconductor exposure in a supply-short environment along with the multitude of other things they support – AI, Gaming, Genomic sequencing etc. Hard to see how they won’t be over a trillion dollar market cap especially if the ARM acquisition is go (Risk factor).

25% - AFRM – BNPL adoption in North America is far behind that of Europe/APAC and I like AFRMs positioning as a consumer first proposition with transparency and AI with strong partnerships with AMZN, AAPL Canada and SHOP.

20% - COIN – Continued adoption of Crypto. Would use this as a proxy instead of going with ETFs/Fund exposure

15% - CRWD (Valuation risk so smallest position, but cybersecurity industry hasn’t matured yet with lots of runway remaining for a stock with strong MOAT)

I decided against SHOP due to how much growth they've already seen and potential impact on consumer spend from an inflationary environment.

Could you comment your thoughts / advice on the above? Any stocks that you would switch out or position sizing you’d recommend to reconsider?

Read Answer Asked by TRINA on September 24, 2021

Q: Good Morning, Would you consider adding to each of these holdings at this time, and it what order? Thank you for your great service!

Read Answer Asked by Bradley on September 20, 2021

Q: While I am partial to PYPL, I would like a second opinion from you on these fintechs. Please rank them as the most suitable one for a buy and hold for a long term in a RESP account. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by FORD on September 16, 2021

Q: I was just checking out the new iPhone 13 and saw that they use Affirm for buy now, pay later. I do own GSY, is there an advantage to also owning affirm? What do you think about buying it after the latest run-up? If buying, is it overinflated and is it better to wait for it to settle down? Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Kim on September 15, 2021

Q: With the big banks flush with cash and rumours that they are looking at acquiring wealth mgt or fintech companies, could you name a few companies are your radar that would make a good fit? Something like goeasy or a wealth management company. Do you think they would be in a position to buy something like square or PayPal? I don’t think they would be interested in small fin tech companies like mogo?

Read Answer Asked by Helen on September 14, 2021

Q: VEEV has taken a big tumble. I can find this " VEEV slips as burgeoning industry headwinds offset strong Q2", plus several analysts who have raised their target, anywhere from $295 - $340. VEEV is part of my growth portfolio, I'm still up 25%. I have most of the growth stocks talked about regularly, except AFRM and NVEI. Looking at momentum/growth rather than sector, would you warrant a switch from VEEV to one of the others, and if so, which one, considering there would be a currency swap involved in NVEI. Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Kim on September 02, 2021

Q: Katapult and other non-bank financials seem to be attracting greater investor attention. Which « have legs » per long-term growth from your perspective?

Read Answer Asked by David on September 01, 2021

Q: Would you rather hold 1 position in NVDA or the equivalent of 1 position in a "basket" of FLGT, MELI, AFRM, and ABCL?

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on August 17, 2021

Q: Hi Team,
Yesterday I read a headline on bnn stating that Apple, Affirm to join to buy now, pay later for Canadian purchases. GSY is partnered with Affirm (the old paybright division). I thought it might be very bullish for business for GSY being partnered with affirm which is now teaming up with the giant Apple. Yet, there was no reaction today for GSY or affirm stock on the partnership today. Can you give your take on this, as to whether this is a potential catalyst for GSY or not? Thanks.


Read Answer Asked by Shane on August 05, 2021

Q: Good morning

This is a mixed bag. For a 3 year period, I am looking for those with most upside potential. Which would you advise to buy more and those to sell in order to buy more.
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by sam on August 03, 2021

Q: Could you please rank SQ, NVEI, PYPL and V for a growth investor with moderate risk tolerance and a time-frame of at least 5 years. Please add other suggestions that fits the theme. LSPD is already owned. The reasons for your top two choices would be appreciated. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Alvin on July 27, 2021