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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I am holding a small position in TSM that is currently at a 2% loss. The share price has been trading sideways for some time. I also own SMH which has TSM as one it's top holdings. I am inclined to sell TSM and use the money for something else. I plan to keep holding SMH which has made good gains for me. Both are in the same taxable margin account. Should I keep holding TSM for the longer term, or should I let it go? I am also holding MRVL, AMD, QCOM and NVDA for the long term.

Read Answer Asked by Maureen on November 04, 2021

Q: Can you please suggest a few US listed companies in the semiconductor space who should see price appreciation as we come out of the supply chain issues / chip shortage over the next 12-24 months. Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Vineet on October 25, 2021

Q: Hi Peter,

I have been waiting on the sidelines to buy into the October volatility as we go into the end of the year seasonal strength. What would your sector preference and ranking be between industrials /materials/technology?
In the meantime tech has almost recouped its losses.
I have been dithering between AMD and MRVL and both have gone up nicely. Would you suggest I buy now (and which); or wait for a pullback end of month? I do have NVDA and QCOM, am a growth investor and any suggestions if I should keep QCOM or migrate to one or both of the two mentioned above ?
Thank you in advance for your opinion.

Read Answer Asked by Rajiv on October 21, 2021

Q: Hi there,

I am looking to buy 10 software stocks and 10 stocks in the semiconductor space. I am seeking out high growth names. Would you be able to provide me with your top recommendations? Thank you kindly,


Read Answer Asked by Jason on October 18, 2021

Q: Hello Peter,

We are seeking advice on how to play the infastructure game now that Biden confirmed on Sunday that it is a stand-alone deal. We are light on Steel, Industrials, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Transportation, Materials, and 5G. We have some green energy with BEP.UN & AQN. We will reshuffle the deck by reducing Tech stocks to accommodate the shift.

Can you rank the following stocks in the categories 1st to last and add any other stocks that may be a better choice than those listed
Steel: RS, NUE, SCHN
Industrials: DD, HON (+ any other suggestions)
Aerospace: LMT, BA
Transportation: WSP, TFII, UNP, CNR, CP (+ any other suggestions)
Materials: CX (+ any other suggestions)
Manufacturing: (suggestions please)

My last question is ask your opinion of the top 8 stocks (please rank) for the infastructure deal regardless of the sector.

Thank you for your great service.

Debbie and Jerry

Read Answer Asked by Jerry on June 28, 2021

Q: Currently I own all of these semi conductor related companies in my taxable account. QCOM, AMD and MRVL are still at a loss since the March downturn. All others are in positive territory, especially SMH. Should I continue to hold them all as core holdings for the long term or would you trim or delete any? Is it still a good idea to hold SMH because the ETF owns a number of companies like ASML, AMAT, an MU that I do not hold?

Read Answer Asked by Maureen on May 04, 2021

Q: Hi,
This is a three part question, so take as many credits as you need. I know that when MRVL bought IPHI the deal was 66.00 cash per IPHI share + 2.323 shares of MRVL stock per IPHI stock held - at the time, estimates valued IPHI at around 157.00 per share - is that correct? If yes, then since the announced buyout, shares in both companies have risen. How does this affect the value of the buyout? It appears that due to the increase in share value, the math has improved somewhat - or was the buyout based on a fixed value of either IPHI or MRVL shares at the time of the takeover? The 2nd part of this question is this - if you feel it is best to hold IPHI until the deal is closed, would you continue to hold MRVL shares, buy more or sell them once the takeover is completed? The 3rd part is would you just sell IPHI now, considering they are starting to drop? As always, thanks for your input - much appreciated!

Read Answer Asked by Dawn on February 23, 2021

Q: I would like to add some coverage in semi conductors. What are your thoughts on these stocks? Is investing in the ETF a better bet? Any valuation concerns with SMH? Do you have other suggestions that are not overvalued?

Read Answer Asked by Maureen on December 22, 2020

Q: I know that there is people always talking about how 5G companies are going to be the next big thing. Besides QCOM would you have any other companies that come in mind that will have big growth in the next 2 to 3 years. Thank you and your answers are always appreciated.

Read Answer Asked by wilson on December 21, 2020

Q: I'm looking for your updated views on Inseego as it has been fairly flat since your last question in September. Their CEO was on Mad Money last week and I found the story he told to be compelling. I wonder if you could please describe what their position is within the market, who their main competitors are and what the total addressable market is as 5G gets rolling? Are we in the first or the fifth inning in terms of where INSG can run? At 1.5 billion in what I gather is a huge potential market it would be nice to know if you would rate it is a buy? Perhaps for good measure you can suggest if this has more or less room to run than Marvell and how they are different.


Read Answer Asked by Tim on December 15, 2020

Q: Hi 5i team,
There are a ton of 5G companies that you mention from time to time. One that comes up less frequently is MRVL. MRVL had a virtual investor day today, which I attended, but kept it on in the background. A number of executives gave their views on their major markets, technology and growth rates, which as expected was all positive. The stock traded up for a while but then faded. I did not pay that close attention but was not overly impressed with the day. What say you on MRVL and what is the real point of investor days if there is nothing that noteworthy?
Thanks again for the insight.

Read Answer Asked by Dave on October 09, 2020

Q: Dear Sir,
Hearing a lot about the upcoming 5G system boosting economic activity. Can you suggest companies in the robotics, communications, chips manufacturer, etc. sectors that one can invest in to benefit from the 5G roll out? Alternatively, an ETF that covers this space would also be helpful. Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Danny on May 13, 2020

Q: With the recent moves to zero commissions in the US IBKR has taken a significant hit in price. Would you suggest selling this company and putting money in something like SYF or MRVL. Concern is IBKR growth is going to be very limited over the next few years.

Read Answer Asked by Ralph on November 07, 2019

Q: Hi !
Being overweight in tech (holding those above roughly in equal amounts), could you indicate, in order, which one you would let go to create some cash ? I also hold the following ETFs: igv, vgt, iusg which may create some duplication.
Thanks as always,
Jacques, Île-des-Soeurs

Read Answer Asked by Jacques on September 16, 2019