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Q: Hi,

I am intrigued by your answer to Derek's question May 3 about TTNM and others.

You said with "...with small caps a basket of three or four companies often is a better approach."

I own IWO (have for years) and note its performance against a US dividend grower like VIG, for almost any period for the last 5 years, has not been as good. That comparison combined with your notion of 3 or 4 small caps, would you be able to suggest your best small cap picks that I could use to replace IWO (recognizing the change in risk/profile of individual stocks vs. a hugely diversified ETF).

Thanks very much. Michael

Read Answer Asked by Michael on May 03, 2023

Q: Hello
Iíve held Guardant Health in a loss position for too long in a TFSA account. Would you please suggest several possible replacements in the small to mid cap space.
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Les on May 03, 2023
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