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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hello
Iíve held Guardant Health in a loss position for too long in a TFSA account. Would you please suggest several possible replacements in the small to mid cap space.
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Les on May 03, 2023

Q: Hi,

I am intrigued by your answer to Derek's question May 3 about TTNM and others.

You said with "...with small caps a basket of three or four companies often is a better approach."

I own IWO (have for years) and note its performance against a US dividend grower like VIG, for almost any period for the last 5 years, has not been as good. That comparison combined with your notion of 3 or 4 small caps, would you be able to suggest your best small cap picks that I could use to replace IWO (recognizing the change in risk/profile of individual stocks vs. a hugely diversified ETF).

Thanks very much. Michael

Read Answer Asked by Michael on May 03, 2023

Q: could you give us your case for PERI,as you seem to like it.
Why is PERI so much more compelling then for example APPS or AT?
Wouldn't you think advertising budgets decline in times of a recession?
It might be apples to oranges,but if having only one choice between INMD,AXON and PERI,which one would you pick?

Read Answer Asked by Josh on April 25, 2023

Q: Q1
Could you please rank from your six highest conviction CAD mid-cap stocks for a 5-year plus hold.

Could you please rank your six highest conviction CAD small-cap stocks for a 5-year plus hold.

Could you please rank your six highest conviction US small-cap stocks for a 5-year plus hold.

Read Answer Asked by Stefan on April 24, 2023

Q: I have followed your recommandation to buy CROX in 2022 and held on during the continuing blood bath. I bought more and now sits on a 70% gain and holding on. Thank you very much. Do you see another diamond in the rough in the midcap space? Please suggest 3 names with rationale and possibly good entry price.

Thank again for your great services.


Read Answer Asked by Yves on April 21, 2023

Q: Hi,

I trust that you are well.

I have the unflattering distinction of having been in the markets for at least twenty years and I have missed every fortune-making opportunity during that time. Examples: railways, Amazon, Google, Apple, cannabis, crypto (to a lesser extent), Microsoft, Berkshire, Canadian banks, telecoms, Shopify, CSU and anything else that had a great run (and continues to have a great run). You name it, I missed it.

It would be refreshing to bring this proto-Maple-Leafean losing streak to an end. So,
perhaps you could suggest some industries that are going to be big. Perhaps you could suggest some young Microsofts or the like living amongst us.

Also, would you comment on FLT.V? Do you this company is worth taking a flyer on?
Do you think the drone delivery industry is going to take off? I don't even need it to really take off. I just need there to be at least one gust of retail enthusiasm to keep industry valuations aloft for a bit.

I saw Mark Rober video about drone usage in an African country. He seems to think it is a very effective delivery method.

I am going to make an executive decision here, and ask all 5i staff to drop everything and dig deep into this industry and provide a report which: 1) estimates the likelihood of drone delivery being the next big thing 2) suggest some names to invest in.

Yours kindly,

Read Answer Asked by D on April 13, 2023

Q: This company's stock price has taken a bigger hit than other high growth healthcare names. What's the reason for this and is it still a company with good long term potential? Are there other small cap US healthcare companies that may be undervalued that you prefer to this one?

Read Answer Asked by Paul on April 12, 2023

Q: I got a voting instruction form from INMD. Of note they are asking to increase the number of ordinary shares from 100M to 200M, essentially doubling the share count. They claim their current share count doesn't provide flexibility for future financial and capital requirements for the pursuit of opportunities. They also say the shares can be used for potential share dividends or splits should the board decide. Are there any red flags here? They did a split in 2021. Just wondering if this concerns you or is it regular business operations and the mgmt seems to know what they are doing?

Read Answer Asked by Adam on March 23, 2023

Q: An article today suggested that Apple is close to coming out with a diabetic monitoring capability for its iWatch. If correct, what would that do to DXCM?

With that question in mind, I'm looking to add a small position in healthcare. Which of the listed companies do you see as having a better future for a long-term hold?

Appreciate your insight.

Paul F.

Read Answer Asked by Paul on February 23, 2023

Q: About 2 weeks ago, Adam asked a question and 5i answered, as follows:

Q. Would now be a time to review ones stock holdings, maybe raise some cash in anticipation of slight pull back or considering a pause in rate hikes, would you go all in with growth stocks?

A. We think it is too early to go all in on growth or add risks. While we think the overall outlook is positive, there are still plenty of challenges. .....We still wouldn't time the market with a cash call.....When doing a review, however, we would still focus on the fundamentals rather than the stock movements. We think high-quality growth stocks look good, and there is no need to keep or layer on extra risk when solid companies still remain cheap even after recent moves.

Two questions from me:

1. Two weeks is a mere blip in the investment time horizon, nonetheless with a bit of news (interest rate + market response, some earnings releases, etc,) do you have any further thoughts about the overall outlook for adding cash or more of a tilt to growth?

2. Can you list 10 high - quality growth names (Cdn or US) that fit your desired fundamental profiles, contemplated by your answer to Adam?

Many thanks for your excellent service.

Read Answer Asked by Leonard on February 10, 2023

Q: What do you think about L-T Buy and Holds on the above 6 stocks (ADSK, CSU, ATD, BRK.B, INMD, CNR)? Are there any that you would not buy at the present time? Purchases would be funded by new $ and selling DDOG and APPS? Would you be okay with parting with them as part of adding to the above?

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on January 30, 2023

Q: Can you provide a list of a few microcaps, smallcaps, both us/cdn that could rocket up with a recovery in the economy. Thanks 5i for all you do

Read Answer Asked by Geoff on January 12, 2023

Q: I noticed that your position on Google has changed in the past couple of months. Previously, you were always recommending it as #1 stock for growth/risk combination, lately I don't see this recommendation anymore. At the moment, it is the worst performing stock in my portfolio and I am down over USD $20K on it. Unfortunately, it's in TFSA portfolio, so I cannot sell and claim cap loss. Do you still believe in bright future for Google considering the challenges (e.g. Microsoft combining efforts with Open AI to integrate chatGPT in Bing and challenge Google search dominance and, by proxy, ad revenue)? Considering that the stock is held in TFSA, would you keep it or sell and replace with something else? If you recommend selling, please list your suggestions. What is your current recommendation on the US market for better growth/risk equilibrium? Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Michael on January 09, 2023

Q: Over the past two years with the downturn of the market, I am down significantly with majority of these holdings in various accounts. I have a long-term 10+ year outlook, so looking to see if you feel any of these can be sold off given the outlook, management of the company? If so, what are your recommendations for a growth investor in either CAD/US stock options?


Read Answer Asked by Andrew on January 04, 2023