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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Good afternoon folks
BNTX has been doing very well as of late. I am up 35% ish. Also my entire health sector weighting is 6.85%...all US$...BNTX is 2% of this total. I also own MDT, DXCM, ZTS, GH, & VEEV. I have too many stocks in general throughout all sectors and am trying to sell off several slowly but surely. ( I have 66 stocks). The problem being I fall in love with each of them...(yes....very bad I know) they have mostly been carefully chosen and watched over almost every day.
My question is should I sell all of my BNTX or shave but sell any of the others mentioned above,
Thanks as always for your sound advice.

Read Answer Asked by El-ann on April 16, 2021

Q: I have been pruning my tech stocks .they have been good to me.
i like to add one financial i own TDand JPM . SAY between SL and Intacf whih is a better fit/
One healthcare . i ownISRG ABBVIE and the Sk bone fixing .
i am considering CVS or X,,, the animal Co split from Pfizer Apologise

Read Answer Asked by thambirajah on February 01, 2021

Q: So apparently dog shelters have few if any rescues available and breeders also are without puppies now that folks are homebound and seeking furry companions. What do you think about Zoetis as an investment at this time from a risk reward perspective - would you recommend it as a buy, is its debt a problem - any other cautions. It hasn't dropped very much in this environment so would you average in gradually? Many thanks for the help. Ken

Read Answer Asked by Ken on April 22, 2020

Q: I know you don't deal with US, but it seems people like to own US stocks as there are more opportunities. All of these stocks except Team have been recommended by at least 2 analysts on Market Call. Could you tell me briefly why these over the last three months have been performing so poorly. Which one would be the first one you would sell? Thanks for your expert opinion. Dennis

Read Answer Asked by Dennis on November 06, 2019

Q: As we don't have a good Canadian choice for stocks related to pets, what do you think of these US companies (or any others in this sector) ?
Which ones do you see as having a potential for strong growth in a near future ? Where would you invest in the sector ?
Please deduct as many credits as you see fit.
With many, many thanks,
Jacques in Montreal

Read Answer Asked by Jacques on September 10, 2019