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Q: We owned Onex since 2006, we are from $20 to$ 64. Not that great given the meagre dividend. It is about 1% of total portfolio. we have some newly realized cash and wonder if we should augment the position to 3% given the low valuation now.
could you suggest other well priced private equity or conglomerate, (Claivest?) We are looking at the long term.
Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by francois on July 06, 2022

Q: Looking at one of these conglomerates in my US Spousal Rsp. All seem similar in their business mix however, BX offers higher dividend and has the largest market cap. BLK seems to offer an outsized dividend and trades accordingly.
Question, for a long term Rsp hold, which of the three is most compelling

Read Answer Asked by Harry on June 02, 2022
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