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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Dear Peter and team,

Thank you for answering my question earlier about non-correlated assets. Very clear and helpful. For Private equity you had chosen BX as an option (also VXX) and every subscriber knows how much you like BN/BAM :) (I must say that I am tickled by the number of folks in both print and TV media, not just you, are enamored with Mr. Bruce Flatt. A true Bromance!!)

My question is how come not many mention anything about similar European Private equities firms which are publicly traded. Google search yielded CVC capital, EQT, Ardian, Apax...

Which PE firm from the EU would you consider as a reasonable complement for BX/BLK/BAM . Feel free to add any other PE firm that you think has potential.
Many thanks in advance.


Read Answer Asked by Savalai on October 02, 2023

Q: Dear Peter et al:

This is a big picture, non-personal question of a "fictional" account of a million dollars :)

From your answers to various subscribers over a period of years, I know that you have always said the portfolio construction is based on individual's personal needs and wants. Agreed!
Hence this general question!

If one wants to have 20% of the portfolio in NON correlated, steady as she goes kind of stocks or bonds, what should one buy?
I see that even though the stocks and bonds are not correlated, in 2022 they both were severely punished. Gold hasn't gone anywhere. Energy was down now but has gone waay up!

Even the ardent fans of Technical Analysis seem to be "confused" about non performance of their Intermarket Analysis approach. (John Murphy)

So, the question is how can one construct a portfolio with non correlated assets and come up with an asymmetrical barbell portfolio (Nessim Taleb?)
I have been looking at Utilities, Financials, Emerging markets, bonds, Gold........nothing seem to be appealing!

Any words of wisdom?
Many thanks in advance.


Read Answer Asked by Savalai on September 27, 2023

Q: Good day,

Can I get your take on Blackrockís earnings? Revenue growth seems to have slowed but do you see anything to worry about for a long term investor? I have a small position and am thinking of adding. Would you consider it an add or a hold for a long-term position and your reasoning, please?

Thank you,

Read Answer Asked by Doris on July 18, 2023

Q: I've been looking for an addition to the US side of my tfsa, sort of looking at the following (bn tri qlcm blk bac) but would appreciate any other suggestions, looking for growth with dividends, if possible, buy and hold investor and can take volatility.

Read Answer Asked by dennis on May 08, 2023

Any thoughts on BYD time to add more or sell/hold.

What do you like in finance space looking at COF, FFH, BLK, VISA...I already own GSY. TD, i add to existing names or buy something new?

Do you think a commodities bull market is imminent with China opening back up. If you believe the sector will have legs going fwd do you preferer single stocks or an ETF (plse list you picks)

What do you think about Natural gas prices Presently i own 1,000ARC in the space and am still up 5% is it time to cash in ?

Lastly i am sitting on 40% cash expecting another test of the last OCT lows but looking at the recent strength am staring to get a little nervous (FOMO) your thought's please is it time to start to nibble at CSU,BYD,MSFT,APPL,AMAZ ATZ, GOOG

Read Answer Asked by Terence on January 30, 2023

Q: Hello, Thank you for your answer to my question on adding to my rrsp stocks. Can I ask the same of my husbandís rrsp - in what order would you add new money to the listed 6 stocks?

Thank you, Doris

Read Answer Asked by Doris on January 20, 2023

Q: I hold the above within a RRIF. In total they are now worth $49K cost was $64K, current income approx $2K.

What do you think about selling them all and reinvesting in AAPL, MSFT, BRK and AMZN. Any alternatives you can suggest. I don't mind forgoing the income.

Read Answer Asked by Nigel on December 20, 2022

Q: Hi Group is it true that Blackrock has put restrictions on withdrawal of funds (cash) from investments. For a company of this size and magnitude to restrict withdrawals is extremely worrisome. Can you please comment assuming this info is correct (I heard it on BNN last week) Hopefully if true we will not start to see a run on banks and other financial intuitions. When people start withdrawing cash and putting under their pillows causing panic i would be more that a little concerned? Your thought are much appreciated

Read Answer Asked by Terence on December 12, 2022

Q: Hi Peter,

I will soon be receiving my pension funds from my ex-employer to put in my LIRA.
Can you suggest a few stocks with a decent upside....time frame 10-15 years.

Read Answer Asked by HARRY on November 11, 2022

Q: could you suggest a few canadian and us equities you would recommend today for a balanced approach, and a brief supporting comment...thank you

Read Answer Asked by Steven on November 10, 2022

Q: Good Morning,

As the market gets beaten down yields on some very good companies are becoming difficult to ignore.

With a recession in sight yields could possibly get even better.

I am retired and an income investor sitting on substantial cash.

What would be your preferred course of action at this time?

What companies would be most attractive to you?


Read Answer Asked by Dave on September 26, 2022

Q: Hello Peter,
Can you please comment on good natured results? Is it fair to say Blackstone is more for income oriented investors given its dividend and Blackrock is more for growth oriented investors. Also, would be better to diversify into both instead of picking one as i already own fair amount of BAM? Is Manulife worth a hold for long term given its decent dividend? thanks very much

Read Answer Asked by umedali on September 01, 2022

Q: We owned Onex since 2006, we are from $20 to$ 64. Not that great given the meagre dividend. It is about 1% of total portfolio. we have some newly realized cash and wonder if we should augment the position to 3% given the low valuation now.
could you suggest other well priced private equity or conglomerate, (Claivest?) We are looking at the long term.
Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by francois on July 06, 2022

Q: Looking at one of these conglomerates in my US Spousal Rsp. All seem similar in their business mix however, BX offers higher dividend and has the largest market cap. BLK seems to offer an outsized dividend and trades accordingly.
Question, for a long term Rsp hold, which of the three is most compelling

Read Answer Asked by Harry on June 02, 2022