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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Why is CAE struggling. With a large backlog and with little competition in its sector shouldn't it be profitable? Is there a management problem? Where do you see it going in the future? Buy or sell?
As well, what is your opinion of ATS going forward?
Thanks for your continued expertise Stephen
Read Answer Asked by Stephen on February 21, 2024
Q: Sir. In the spirit of weeding the garden, I find myself well down in these stocks…with a time frame of 1 year , please comment on which to keep or toss how…. 5i had good things to say about many of these in the past, but we all know that times change quickly in this business…
Read Answer Asked by James on February 05, 2024
Q: I have be considering swapping CAE for BDGI. Badger is widely exposed across the US while CAE seems to be slow getting traction at a time when business should be good.
What are your thoughts on these companies and their potential growth.

Thanks for the great service
Read Answer Asked by Clarence on January 19, 2024
Q: Looking to add to my TSFA, working on following the Balanced Portfolio, am missing these stocks. which and in what order would you add these?
Thank you, Shane
Read Answer Asked by Shane on January 08, 2024
Q: Hello 5i team,
You mentioned in a question about the balance portfolio that some equities are on watch based on their slow or bad performance. One of these was CAE. It has been in a negative momentum decline since early 2021.

What are your thoughts about continuing to hold this stock going into 2024? It has a pretty decent backlog but will most if it come to fruition?

Thank You,
Read Answer Asked by Andrew on November 30, 2023
Q: Hello 5i team,

I sold "CAE" and made some money to find next growth name. Could you please suggest one? I already have "STN" and "CP" in my portfolio for your information. Your suggestion doesn’t have to be in the same sector though, I am looking for the best rewarding one as of today for 3-5 years holding. Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Lin on August 02, 2023
Q: I am looking for a replacement for cae in the industrials. Already own wsp, mg, tfi. Also can you give me 3 or 4 solid companies with little dept and low valuations.
Thanks Steve
Read Answer Asked by Stephen on July 26, 2023
Q: Hello 5i Team,

I'm looking to sell the following 12 stocks in my cash account to crystallize some losses in anticipation of better buying opportunities in the fall: BNTX, CAE, CHTR, CIEN, CJT, CTS, DIS, FNF, GNRC, HAS, TEAM, and YETI.

For each of these stocks, could you please indicate: HOLD; SELL; or SELL + RE-BUY (with suggested proxy).

Feel free to deduct as many credits as you see fit.

Thanks in advance for your always helpful advice!

Read Answer Asked by Keith on July 17, 2023
Q: Can you please comment on CAE latest earnings released today. Was there anything of particular interest to note from the call the call (either good or bad)? What is your view of this company after this latest report (buy/add, hold, sell, or trim like you did with model portfolio)? Are there other names in Canada or in the USA you prefer and would recommend over CAE?
Read Answer Asked by Justin on June 01, 2023