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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Taking into account their current valuations, and their individual company risk, could you please rank these stocks in terms of overall risk from high to low for a 2 year time frame:

Thanks for all your work!


Read Answer Asked by Mike on May 16, 2022

Q: AC is about 1.5% of my Portfolio and CAE is less than 1%. I have been reviewing and consolidating in my Portfolio of stocks/ETF and would appreciate your opinion regarding action to take with these two stocks. Is there more potential with CAE and would it be more profitable to move AC stock funds in to CAE? My other industrial stock is WSP and with Portfolio Analytics I am 2.5% above the suggested allocation for Industrials.I am willing to maintain this weighing in Industrials ; however, I would be interested in hearing suggestion of alternative stock choices (regardless of sector) at this time? Thank you for your assistance.

Read Answer Asked by Elizabeth on March 28, 2022

Q: Please list companies in your balanced equity and growrth model portfolios that are now in bear market territories and of those what would be your top 5 listed in preference to add to for a long term hold.

Read Answer Asked by Terry on February 08, 2022

Q: Hello Peter and Team

I have above stocks in my TFSA account. I am down CAE 10%, NVEI 47%, ENGH 17%, KXS 24%, LSPD 12%, QIPT 18%.

Normally I will consider all of them as good growth stocks but with the rotation now hapening in the market, I am wondering if I should keep them for the next 12 months or I should switch to more value stocks.

I value you opinion


Read Answer Asked by Raoul on January 17, 2022

Q: I have KXS, CAE, BAM,TOU,AC. Would you recommend to add to some of these stocks or would you recommend to buy different stocks? What stocks would you recommend to buy?

Read Answer Asked by Mark on January 12, 2022

Q: I've been waiting to initiate a position in either AC or CAE for a minimum two year hold but I can't decide on which one. My brain tells me this is a good time to enter either or both, but I am concerned about the sector in general.

Can you give me some reasons for both companies why one should buy today and some reasons that gives one pause on the names?

Of the two, does 5i have a preference and would you start a position today in either name?

Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Harvey on December 14, 2021

Q: Can you please rank the following four, and following four in terms of compelling buys at today’s price:

2. LMT, CAE, TT, J

Thank you

Read Answer Asked by karim on December 09, 2021

Q: Greetings 5i team,
From the list of (diverse) companies can you please: 1. List them in the order in which you might start a position today and 2. List them in order of highest to lowest risk.
Thank you as always for your awesomeness (sp?)

Read Answer Asked by Steve on November 25, 2021

Q: If inflation is going to be a concern, do you have 5 company suggestions in the US and Canada that would have pricing and so earnings power? Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Michael on October 25, 2021

Q: All of the above are existing positions in my TFSA. Which three would you suggest adding to today?

Read Answer Asked by Curtis on October 15, 2021