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Q: Retired (25 years) investor, preservation of capital and income paramount. Can you please provide the following, ETF or equity suggestions for:
Basic Materials (hold 2% LIF), Communications Services (hold 4% BCE), Consumer Cyclical and Consumer Defensive (hold 0%), Healthcare (hold 1% HHL), Industrials (hold 0%), Technology (hold TXF 4%).

Thank you for considering my lengthy question for which I apologize.
Read Answer Asked by Gail on April 10, 2024
Q: Material Sector - I hold a full position in .LIN and starter positions in EXP CS FCX WFG AEM - all recommended by 5i. I prefer to have a full position in one of these for a long-term [3-5 years] hold. How would you evaluate them [or any other you prefer] and recommend your highest conviction.
Read Answer Asked by sam on February 21, 2024
Q: Portfolio Analytics indicates that across all accounts, we are underweight in the Basic Materials sector. The two stocks and CGL.C listed above are the only holdings in this sector. (CGL.C is a small holding. as it can be traded with zero commission)

Please suggest some additional Canadian and U.S. stocks in this sector to improve diversification, include reasonable entry points, and rank them in order of what to purchase first.

For a Canadian ETF, what is your opinion of XMA?

Please deduct as many credits as necessary.

Read Answer Asked by Jerry on January 30, 2024
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