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Review of CAE Inc.

FEB 20, 2024 - CAE acts as a software company that provides digital training in the form of software-based simulation training and critical operations support solutions. CAE is a decent value play given the high backlog the company carries, in addition to being relatively stable financially. Improvements in the defense and security segment's margins is a potential internal catalyst for earnings growth which would significantly improve the company’s bottom line, but this may be a goal that takes longer to materialize.We are maintaining our rating of a “B+” on the back of these factors.

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Q: Good morning Peter,

By now you would have read the Company’s pre earnings release after market close yesterday. Based on guidance, would it be correct to say that this stock will likely get punished today and will be some time before it shakes off the defense issues to the tune of 1 year in the penalty box. Is this a case of the company not realizing what it was getting into when it bought L3H? And is it dead money for the next year or so?

Thx, K
Read Answer Asked by Kelly on May 22, 2024
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