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Q: I would like to use one or more of these companies for tax loss selling. Which two companies do you think are the best candidates to sell. Portfolio diversification will not be affected to any large degree by selling any of these stocks. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Dennis on November 18, 2020

Q: Hello,

Years ago, I used to swing trade Bombardier; recently, I looked up the ticker and was quite surprised to see it at ~$0.30 CND. Well, I am not considering betting the farm, I was wondering if this company is at risk of being delisted or considering a reverse stock split, of which I am not a fan. Or have they received a sweetheart government contract to start producing respirators and vaccines ; ) jk

Seriously though, please advise if you would touch this company with the tip of a ten-foot pole, or stay clear of it like a long term care home in Quebec.


Read Answer Asked by Mark on October 30, 2020
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