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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Time to deploy a small amount of cash in an un-registered account. My 2 smallest holdings are SU and MAL. I am hesitant to jump back into oil and gas as the glory days are likely behind them. SU valuation is attractive but long term I just dont see the good times ahead. MAL I've owned forever and glad to see you add coverage and into the income portfolio. It has been beat up a bit and makes it attractive but worried about a slow airline recovery hampering revenues. Coin toss or do you have a preference for next 3-5 years. Not really enough cash to bother with a 50-50.

Read Answer Asked by Tom on August 10, 2021

Q: I own the above three and and all having trouble getting some traction---now down 13-5 and 15% respectivily.Should I hold or add to them?I assumme you wouldnt suggest sell.


Read Answer Asked by peter on August 10, 2021

Q: As a Covid recovery stock I tend to agree with Mr Branson's philosophy on airlines { AC } . " The best way to become a millionaire is to invest $2.5 billion in an airline " . And Mr. Buffet " Hi my name is Warren and I'm an airoholic . Please talk to me until the urge to buy an airline passes " ...... So I am more inclined to go with someone who services them like CAE or MAL . Though the difference in market cap is huge I'm leaning toward MAL based on current valuation, a juicy dividend, and it doesn't appear particularly volatile .....I know 5I likes both but if you were going to give the edge to one today which one would it be and why ? Also when does each one next report earnings ?

Read Answer Asked by Garth on July 21, 2021

Q: Could you comment on stocks CA and US that would benefit from a major conflict between the US and either Iran or China?

Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Delbert on June 30, 2021

Q: I currently hold 3% positions in FTT, TCL.A, ARE in the Industrial; as well as MG and NFI in Consumer Discretionary (I realize that these are in a different sectors but are also semi-industrial). I am thinking of adding MAL as a long term recovery play. FTT, & ARE had been added last year for these reasons. I'm quite bullish in NFI and see it as having the most upside in the short term.

Do you see this as being a good addition/strategy?

To fund a 1.5% position MAL is there one company that you see as not having as much "upside" that you would trim by half, or a combination that you would suggest trimming from?


Read Answer Asked by Cory on April 06, 2021

Q: Are these two stocks able to make recoveries? Buy, sell, hold or forget about it. Value your input/replies.

Read Answer Asked by John on February 16, 2021

Q: I have several beat up stocks that are now small holdings so looking to clean up the mess a bit and reduce my holdings to a more reasonable number. These are all in my unregistered accounts so will generate a tax loss although that wont do me much good this year with no likely gains to harvest.... So my general plan was to sell some and consolidate in other holdings I already have: ( use as many credits as required)

Sell HSE ( 1/4 position ) and add to my 1/2 SU . I get the tax loss to carry forward and move from HSE that is mostly heavy oil to SU with less downside.

Sell CHW ( 1/4 position) and add to my 1/2 SJ. These 2 don't really match up well like HSE and SU but the CHW is such a small position, unlikely to move until late in the recovery and with the div suspended I think I am going to take my lumps on it. I am a bit lite on SJ anyways.

Sell my MX ( 1/2 position) and add to my MAL ( 1/2 position). Once again not good matches but these 2 are small position in the same account. MAL hasn't done much in terms of stock movement but has generated a good yield over the many years I have owned it. I am not feeling the love in the energy sector for the next few years and I have a felling that the good old days in oil and gas might be at an end with the cost of solar improving and the steady growth in electrifying transportation....

And last sell 1/2 position of AD and buy ALA ( 1/2 position). Once again not a great fit in terms of sector but yields are comparable and ALA is essentially a utility ( and not a oil and gas) so should be a somewhat stable yield.

I wish I had a few big winner I wanted to sell to harvest the tax losses now but will just need to put them in my pocket for the big recovery in a hopefully not to distant future... These moves reduce my small holdings, Get rid of some holding you don't have in your portfolios, de-risk my portfolio somewhat and finally move that money into companies a bit better placed to maintain their dividends during covid/post covid

Read Answer Asked by Tom on July 22, 2020

Q: Hi,
MAL just announced a share repurchase program. Given the present environment, especially the end customers for most of their products are airlines, is this wise move? Do they have the balance sheet strength for this?
I know the share price has taken a beating this year but seems odd timing for this.
What would be your current rating for the stock (Sell, Hold, Buy)?

Read Answer Asked by Daniel on May 25, 2020