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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hi group can you please comment on recent weakness in these shares and what you see going fwd in the next 3-6mths Buy sell or hold Appreciate your comments

Read Answer Asked by Terence on November 19, 2021

Q: What is your opinion of WEF's quarterly numbers? Down from Q2 but still pretty healthy? Market doesn't seem to like it even though the company appears to have net cash on the balance sheet, is buying back shares and pays a small dividend? Guess it is better to buy a company that is only a concept and has steady losses and MAY make money some day in the future!!

Read Answer Asked by Paul on November 05, 2021

Q: Hi Peter and staff,
Thanks for the great information that you guys provide.
These are the holdings in my wife's TFSA account. I have owned CNR since March of 2020 and have done quite well but I'm wondering if this stock has reached the top of the price range and it's time to move on. The average Price Target is $165. Do you think that CNR still has upside or can you name two stocks to replace it.

Thanks and have a great day

Read Answer Asked by Joe on October 22, 2021

Q: Hi gang
Which of the above is my best pick for a 2 to 3 year (more or less depending on what happens to this surge in lumber) buy? I would like to jump on this wave!
Thank you and stay safe...

Read Answer Asked by El-ann on May 12, 2021

Q: I own a fully position in IWN - with what's been going on lately with sector rotation (Growth verses value) should i see half the position and buy IWO (growth) or sell the entire position in IWN and buy IWM (both growth and value) ?

Second question I own significant holdings in WEF (overweight) WFG (1/2 position) and lastly Canfor (Full Position) My question is is it time to exit hold or reduce as lumber prices cannot stay at the present level forever?? (your comment please) maybe even sell some WEF some and go with a big house builder or even Lowes (I already own Home depot ) your guidance is appreciated

Read Answer Asked by Terence on April 13, 2021

Q: Hi group lumber companies took it on the chin in 2 short days WEF went down 15% in the last 2 days as an example . Is the run over /(Time to cash in profits) or is this simply some folks taking profits. I know housing starts in the us are off but is the high price on lumber not the culprit here and also looking like lumber inventories remain low which should = higher prices for lumber going fwd. - your thoughts are always appreciated

Read Answer Asked by Terence on March 25, 2021

Q: Hi group sent question in last week about how to play commodities (recommendations) also do you agree the sector is in an upward trend and will it last. - still no answer
New question lumber stocks seem to be acting funny lumber prices are at record highs ($1,000 fbm) but lumber stocks are down 3 days in a row is it time to take profits on the sector or hold appreciate your views

Read Answer Asked by Terence on February 19, 2021

Q: Hi Peter,
I am down a little over 50% on Western Forest. It is in my TFSA account, so I will not get any benefit as a tax loss. I am willing to hold on to it if there's a reasonable chance that in a year or two the stock will start growing and a dividend will be re-instated. Would it be more prudent to sell the stock and take the loss and buy something else? And, do you have any suggestions for a replacement?

Read Answer Asked by Jane on October 07, 2020

Q: Do forest fires in the US northwest imply better prices for Canadian lumber producers, or are the effects of supply destruction outweighed by trade war dynamics? Supposing a demand surge materializes, will it be specific to west coast producers? Of the latter, do you continue to favour WFT?

Read Answer Asked by John on September 17, 2020