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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Can you provide a list of top companies to play the AI phenom.
Read Answer Asked by Kim on December 01, 2023
Q: Hi Folks,

My RRSP portfolio consists of the above stocks all with relatively the same weighing. Can you suggest 5 names or so, (CDN and U.S) that I take a look at that would complement the above? I am looking for a company that would be a good buy today for both income and capital appreciation - total return.
Read Answer Asked by JOHN on November 29, 2023
Q: I am currently conducting research on Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and I am particularly interested in those that include Google (Alphabet Inc.), Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon.

Based on my initial research, I have identified the following ETFs:

1. **Vanguard Mega Cap Growth (MGK)**
2. **iShares Edge MSCI USA Momentum Factor (MTUM)**
3. **BetaShares NASDAQ 100 ETF**
4. **S&P North American Technology Sector Index Fund (IGM)**, **Technology Select Sector SPDR**, **PowerShares QQQ**, and **iShares Dow Jones US Technology (IYW)**
5. **Evolve FANGMA Index ETF, TECH ETF**

I would appreciate if you could provide me with more detailed information if you prefer these ETFs which one 5i would recommend, or for that matter an alternative suggestion if you have another choice.
Thanks in advance
Read Answer Asked by Rick on November 17, 2023
Q: I know you like all of the above for a TFSA - so do I - but need to raise some cash and am struggling with what to sell - is there one you would sell first? or maybe trim 2?

put as private but make public if you wish
Read Answer Asked by Terry on November 15, 2023
Q: Hi group please indicate in what order and at what entry price would you add to the above stocks. Only comment on the top 10 out of above list (i have a 100k to spend would you go all in now or wait until markets settle Thanks for your help with this decision
Read Answer Asked by Terence on September 28, 2023
Q: hi,
I own these 5 equities in my USD account, plus a reasonable amount of cash that could be deployed. im fairly comfortable with all of them, are you? if I was to shift to an all growth strategy within this account, what would you suggest selling ( if any ), and what would you suggest buying, either new names or current holdings ( with a reasonable target purchase price, if able )? I would be looking for growth companies with positive earnings/earnings growth ( ie nothing highly speculative right now ). cheers and enjoy the long weekend. chris
Read Answer Asked by chris on September 05, 2023
Q: Hi Peter and company,

What would be the percent weight range holding the “magnificent 7” in a portfolio for a growth investor? Are there any names you would substitute? Expand to 10?

Thanks for the great service,
Read Answer Asked by Angelo on June 23, 2023
Q: Would you consider these as early winners as AI "picks and shovels", quite apart from SMCI which has had a huge run-up?
What are your views on other hardware for cloud benefitting from AI - such as, IBM DELL HPE NET and CSCO. Bottom line - which are buyable today or could you suggest buy prices?
Read Answer Asked by sam on June 16, 2023
Q: Good morning 5i:
Next year I will be retiring, and currently I have the outlined stocks in my RRSP, I'm happy with all of them, I think I would like to sell some of them (or trim down, slowly -no rush) and buy stocks/etf that will provide resilience , some yield, and perhaps some growth , can you please provide me with some ideas, 3 or more , I was thinking BN, add more to VFV.
Please use as many credits as required.

THANK YOU for all your help.
Read Answer Asked by Fernando on June 15, 2023
Q: Hi, I was interested to read the question and answer you had yesterday on whether you would pick google over Microsoft (you sided with google). I hold google at a loss (down around 15%). I have been concerned by the argument that ai search will ultimately harm google’s main income source - it’s search engine. One analyst even said google is at risk of cannibalizing its own business with its ai search engine. The other argument against google was that it has only market share to lose against the bing/Microsoft challenge. Can you address these arguments? The fear seems to be that google is a potential candidate for being the next yahoo or Kodak which of course is a little premature to call but that seems to be the bear argument on google.

Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Jason on April 28, 2023
Q: In response to a recent question about TCS, you said “We would be comfortable adding to the position given the recent weakness in share price.”

Would you sell ILLM to buy more TCS, which I already own, or add to GOOGL, which I also own and which I know you like, or would you stick it out with ILLM?

I have held ILLM for a long time, and don’t want to sell if it has more potential than the other stocks mentioned. But I would hate to see a tech rally over the next few years while ILLM sits on the side lines. Do you think the recent ticker symbol change could be signalling a forthcoming change in strategy?
Read Answer Asked by David on April 26, 2023
Q: With 2 year investment window, please rank the following : NVEI, ATZ, SHOP, BN, DSG,SLF,TOI,GSY, Googl

Would you maintain the same ranking for a 5 years window


Read Answer Asked by V on April 24, 2023
Q: Hi folks,
I am looking to add 3 of CSU, AAPL, MSFT, GOOGL or VISA for some growth to my otherwise conservative RRSP portfolio. May I have your 3 recommendations that could add some "zip" to my RRSP account. Looking at a 10 year time frame.
Read Answer Asked by JOHN on April 11, 2023
Q: My Tech holdings are getting too high, thanks to your good advice. Would you please provide your current ranking of the stocks listed? I've included GOOGL, even though I believe you place it in the comm/serv sector.
Read Answer Asked by Jim on March 16, 2023
Q: hi, I hold the above in my USD account. I was thinking of trimming NVDA now and see if there is a pullback to repurchase, over the next few weeks/months. MMM not doing much, and you mention not much growth. dividend is nice, but I don't need it. do you think trimming or selling MMM and adding to any of above (?BABA, down again). or do you have any other ideas for the USD account ( growthy, but low-low mid risk). thx, chris
Read Answer Asked by chris on March 09, 2023