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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I used to own NVDA at <$100/share and foolishly sold it around $300 USD before it started to climb vertically. I am now too chicken to buy back in. What would be some names to own in the AI and Semi conductor theme that are still reasonably priced? Or would you suggest sitting out of this theme for now?
I already own MSFT and GOOG.
Read Answer Asked by Anh on May 07, 2024
Q: Hi
Thank you for your assistance with my portfolio style questions. I am looking at a company, Vertiv? What are their prospects, would this be a good stock to invest for the next 5 years and are there similar stocks that may be better purchases?

Thanks, Len
Read Answer Asked by Leonard on May 06, 2024
Q: RBC isnt showing much revenue growth for 2025, considering the massive capex spending announced recently in big tech, I'm thinking of moving on here. I realize it's up 45% ytd and 128% in a year, it's also up 128% in 5 years, of which I've been in the stock, are analysts being too conservative? I already own NVDA and VRT, interested in other high conviction names that will benefit from from the capex?
Read Answer Asked by Charles on May 06, 2024
Q: hi 5i, these stocks are in my cash account , I need to sale 2 or 3 of them to raise some cash. I'm happy with all of them. but unfortunately have to sale. I'm thinking I could let go SMCI (since I have NVDA), VHI, and META. Or trim a bit of each. Your opinion please! thanks
Read Answer Asked by Fernando on May 01, 2024
Q: Dear Peter et al:

PLTR earnings report is May 6th, FTNT on May 02 and SMCI tomorrow!! (30th April)

This is a general question and not personal!

If some had a small position and plan to add more to these three stocks, Worth writing Cash secured puts? So close to Earnings date?

IF you were to write a cash secured put what would be the price that you would choose to write for these three, including SMCI.
(Of course not guaranteed that the order will fill!)

Many thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Savalai on April 29, 2024
Q: Would I be correct in saying that your recent answers are showing a preference for VRT rather than SMCI or ALAB? Can you rate each of the three on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being a strong buy) and at what level you would buy each? Also, if you have in fact shifted slightly away from SMCI and to VRT as a fav, what makes it more desirable?
Read Answer Asked by Tim on April 29, 2024
Q: Hi,
I have been currently holding these for awhile and have done well on them, other than maybe WELL, which has been lagging a bit lately. Here are my allocations: WELL (1.7%), SLF (2%), GSY (3.5%) and NVDA (3.8%).

Recently in the last few months, I trimmed some NVDA and bought some VRT (1%) and SMCI (1%). For a growth investor, how would you rank these 3 stocks going forward? Would you continue to trim and buy these smaller cap higher growth names. With the run that they've had, I've been a little more cautious of a slowdown.

Also with these other names I'm holding, I'm contemplating trimming or completely switching to higher growth and better quality names with better runway for growth. What are your thoughts? Trim, add or switch? For example, does it make sense to trim a 3.0% position into two names that are only 1.5%? I'm against diworsification. Thank you!

1. WELL to VHI
2. SLF to IFC
3. GSY to PRL
Read Answer Asked by Keith on April 18, 2024
Q: Good morning
these three ETFs have stellar one year performance to January 6th according to your March issue of Money Saver magazine. Do you see them topped out for the present or would you still see a buying opportunity here
Read Answer Asked by Guy R. on April 15, 2024
Q: For my more speculative investments I have a starter position in SMCI and TVK. At this time would you consider moving up to a half position in one of these, or purchasing a starter position in HPS?
Read Answer Asked by Gordon on April 11, 2024
Q: I need to trim SMCI, NVDA and VRT. I have partial positions in AMZN, MSFT, AMD, LLY,GOOG, AXON, NXT, CELH, PLTR and NTNX. Could you please order the partial positions from high to low, for a potential add? What are your recommendations for 4 or 5 other growth stocks, any size/sector that I could investigate for a new position? Would any of the these growth stocks fit into the ranking of the partial positions? If so, could you place them into the ranking? Thanks very much for this service and the patience you show, in answering the many questions!
Read Answer Asked by Greg on April 08, 2024
Q: Could you please provide 3-4 names of US companies that you buy now in each of the following sectors: Technology, communications, industrial, discretionary, and Materials.
Read Answer Asked by Ahmed on April 01, 2024
Q: SMCI has raised cash twice in the last 6 months, arguably much more cash than they really need which has increased speculation about possible acquisitions.

From their corporate presentations we know VRT have planned to scale production of a newly acquired liquid cooling technology over 40x through the course of this year. Seems like something that would take some up front capital investment. Does your crystal ball foresee VRT raising cash? Do they need to raise cash or is cash flow strong enough to grow the business?

Read Answer Asked by Marco on March 26, 2024