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Investment Q&A

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Q: Hi 5i. on SMCI

In a previous answer you said "It will do its thing and find a 'level' (whatever that might be) where volatility starts to abate."
Could you hazard a guess at what that 'level' might be - just for fun of course.

On a slightly more serious note - do you think momentum will drive this UP or DOWN in the short term (days/weeks) (and how about 3-5 years) ?

Read Answer Asked by mike on February 19, 2024
Q: Dear Peter,

This is a very light hearted "question"!

Enjoyed watching your Stock market stories!

SMCI hit 1000 $ yesterday! I was at home watching Chris interviewing Peter!

Where was Peter when AAPL/MSFT/TSLA and others hit (split adjusted) 1000 $
More importantly where are you planning to be when NVDA hits 1000 $

There is an article begging to be written about 1000$ stocks and their history!!

Happy Family Day!
Read Answer Asked by Savalai on February 16, 2024
Q: Can you compare/contrast these two businesses for me? Does SMCI order NVDA chips and sell the entire integrated system with chips as well as the infrastructure without chips that customers can plug and play their own NVDA or other chips into? Is SMCI's technology more efficient for thermal management than VRT's? Their growth rates seemed comparable each quarter over the last year. I am wondering if VRT has a good chance to post a nice beat in their upcoming quarter as SMCI did. Thanks
Read Answer Asked by Marco on February 16, 2024
Q: Is now a decent time to purchase VRT or should I wait for a potential pullback/consolidation? Are there other similar companies to VRT?
Read Answer Asked by Ben on February 15, 2024
Q: If this is too broad a question, please feel free to decline. If you were to start from scratch today, with a goal of maximizing total return at 10 years regardless of income/growth/dividends/distributions etc., which stocks would be on your list?
Read Answer Asked by Sam on February 15, 2024
Q: Good Day,

Big wins on a lot of your recent answers to my previous questions, thanks.

Obviously there's a tonne of hype on the Semiconductor market/AI/Data Center space right now, and after picking up SMCI, VRT, etc, I came across CDNS and by proxy, SNPS as well.

It appears they have the market corners on the design software side of this market. Logically, however, this wouldn't appear to be a space that grows in the number of customers in it very readily.

Is this similar to ASMLs type of monopoly (albeit a duopoly), with growth coming from advantageous pricing conditions and the relative difficulty of a new player popping up?

Do you see these companies gaining significant share price appreciation over time? Which company is better and why? I really liked a recent question that asked where they were relative to a baseball game. For each could you relate their lifecycle to what inning in a game they are, as well as an out of 10 for risk and growth potential.

The prices of these have climbed for sure, but definitely don't seem to have exploded like the rest of the segment. Are there any other companies with this same type of competitive advantage in the semiconductor/AI space?

Read Answer Asked by James on February 12, 2024
Q: This is for a 2 year hold. I am 15% down on BCE. I also see stocks like SMCI crushing it.

For total growth of 50% over 2 years, which do you prefer?

FYI in Feb 2024, I am seeing articles on BCE such as:

and this:
Read Answer Asked by V on February 08, 2024
Q: With recent gain in tech sector, are you concerned with valuations getting stretched. Is there some kind of euphoria being building which draws some parallel to 2000 tech bubble. Like 20-30% jump on META, NVDA, SMCI, ARM. Is there a suggested to mitigate risk while maintaining decent exposure. Thanks
Read Answer Asked by RUPINDER on February 08, 2024
Q: SMCI was up 14.4% today, February 5th. I find it hard to believe the people buying the stock today were buying because the company is going to have good earnings in the future. Instead I see momentum players doing panic buying. FOMO on a big scale. I don’t think this is going to end well once sanity returns to the momentum players who basically have no emotional stake in the company. I’m thinking we saw a top today. A little weakness tomorrow and it will be panic to get out first. Do you agree? I’ve owned the stock for some time and while I’m pleased at “winning the lottery” the stock’s action is beginning to concern me.
Read Answer Asked by James on February 06, 2024
Q: I am trying to purchase 5 american companies to hold in an AI-focussed portfolio, probably for 5 years or so through this next bull market. I already own the megacaps and so I am specifying less than $200 billion market cap for each of these. Can you give me your top AI-related plays with these criteria? Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Michael on February 05, 2024
Q: Hi,
Kicking myself in the butt for not buying SMCI a few months back after humming and hawing about it. I guess because I have a large NVDA and GOOG position already so didn’t want too much AI exposure.

For some of these names that have run hard over the last 3-6 months, would you add or initiate new positions? I own NVDA, HPS.A and TVK and have nice gains but want to slightly add for long term. I’m reluctant now to buy these new daily highs in SMCI and VRT, afraid of a sharp pullback. How would you proceed? For all the stocks mentioned, what inning do you think we’re in for each? Still long runways? And I know it’s hard, but what would be good price targets to buy if they pulled back? Thanks!
Read Answer Asked by Keith on February 02, 2024
Q: If you had to put together a portfolio to hold for at least one year for max gain what would they be? No concern for risk or the size of the company. Must be traded on a USA exchange although not necessarily a USA company. I’m guessing you will include smci, vrt, google and amazon. Part two of the question is whether I should sell some smci to lock in a gain? I’ve never in my life enjoyed such a large gain so quick. Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Jason on February 01, 2024
Q: Hi, can you give me your 5 best US growth stocks ideas, ranked 1 to 5 (one being best), with a high degree of safety yet good growth to hold and not touch for 3-5 years? Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Harry on January 31, 2024
Q: Which 5 Canadian and 5 US companies would you buy for pure growth over the next 6 months? Can you provide a bullet for each on risk and main reasons for selection?
Read Answer Asked on January 31, 2024
Q: Hi, I would like to invest in AI (Artificial Intelligent)
I own: . AAPL.3%, ADBE. 3%, MSFT.3%, NVDA. 3%.
Do you have other stocks to suggest to me or add 2% to the four I currently have.
Jean Guy
Read Answer Asked by Jean Guy on January 31, 2024
Q: Just a comment - thanks! Most of my questions have usually been about when something for me has gone wrong…well this one seems to be working. Honestly, if it weren’t for your positive comments, not only may I never have bought it but I would’ve sold as soon as I had a small profit. The same is true for nvda - another awesome name that you’ve stuck with for years even when things looked downright gloomy! Thanks be to 5i.
Read Answer Asked by Jason on January 29, 2024