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Review of Brookfield Renewable Partners

OCT 24, 2023 - BEP.UN is a well-capitalized company with a strong liquidity profile, we think the company could get through the other side of the cycle and return to normalized growth. while we do not think the current macro headwinds fundamentally change the underlying portfolio of high-quality assets, the name faces pressure with rising interest rates and a shifting investor preference for high-yield assets. Due to some of its fundamentals being under pressure, we are downgrading the name by two notches to a B+’.

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5i Recent Questions
Q: Hi, doing some housekeeping and switching the above two stocks in my non registered account to bipc and bepc ?
Could you suggest 1-2 other stocks you like , maybe with more growth and smaller dividend. I will probably keep bipc, but overweight bepc. Sector not a issue.

Read Answer Asked by Brad on March 20, 2024
Q: Park Lawn, BCE and BEP taking a tidy beating in the wife’s income portfolio. While we enjoy the divs, the red ink is off-putting to be fair.

We are a few years away from drawing on her account, so at what point would you consider averaging down on these. There is a fairly large cash balance waiting to be deployed.
Read Answer Asked by Kelly on March 15, 2024
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