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Review of The North West Company

JUL 06, 2023 - NWC operates as a retailer focusing on rural and developing regions such as northern Canada, rural Alaska, the Caribbean, etc. The company is one of the longest retail enterprises in the world with its roots tracing back more than 200 years, selling a variety of goods such as food, apparel, appliances, etc. in combination with services like post offices, pharmacies, quick-service prepared food, etc. NWC consistently maintains market share, and at the same time grows sales per square foot, expanding operating margins over the years while competing with larger and more well-capitalized competitors. Rating initiated at B.

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Q: Hello, can you suggest 5 consumer stocks and 5 industrial stocks, either in Canada and US, with a brief reason for each suggestion. I am trying to re-balance my portfolio and I am overweight in tech right now. Thanks!
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Q: I recently transferred my employer TFSA account to my trading account, so I now manage my entire TFSA. I have many solid growth names, and have XIU and BNS as a dividend/diversification play.

I am looking for a solid set it and forget it Dividend play to DRIP, and have some share price appreciation for long term.

Would BAM or FTS be your top pick for this type of thing? Can you provide say 7 or 8 of your top picks for dividend growth, business development runway, and a higher dividend? I had considered growing XIU significantly to drip more, since its diversification almost guarantees the set it and forget side of things.

Thanks for all your recent help! I'm definitely ripping through some credits this month. ;)
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Q: Greetings 5i,
I am looking to lower my exposure to financials and raise that of consumer staples. This does not have to be done but should result in better diversification.
Would a switch from BAM to NWC, purely for better diversification, be advisable? I note the slightly better yield on NWC.
Thanks as always
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