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Q: Hello 5i,
I am down 25% with Verizon. As an income investor, should I just hang on and collect dividends as I wait for the turnaround or sell, take the hit and get something else?

Read Answer Asked by STANLEY on May 29, 2023

Q: Good Morning 5i

We have EPD and GIC's in our income side of RRSP's. We have room for a another stock at a 1/2 position. What are your thoughts on BTI with an 8.52% dividend? Do you have another stock as a preference?

Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Jerry on May 24, 2023

Q: I've been looking for an addition to the US side of my tfsa, sort of looking at the following (bn tri qlcm blk bac) but would appreciate any other suggestions, looking for growth with dividends, if possible, buy and hold investor and can take volatility.

Read Answer Asked by dennis on May 08, 2023
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