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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Retired, dividend-income investor. I have monies dedicated to top up reasonably full positions held in BCE, FTS, LIFE, NWC, PLC, TRP. Ignore asset allocation. In what order would you deploy monies, based on total return over the next few years?


Read Answer Asked by Stephen on February 15, 2023

Q: Best Canadian small cap dividend growers that have delivered shareholder value to date and have the potential continue to do so in the future. Your current opinion?

Read Answer Asked by Lawrence on February 14, 2023

Q: You have an updated report on Enbridge (ENB) dated 24 January. In the SUMMARY section of that report I see the words "bond proxy". That's an interesting concept. I own a full allocation of ENB because it is a safe, stable source of tax-advantaged income - indeed a sort of "bond proxy". Staying with that idea, are there other equities/ETFs/products that 5i would consider to be "bond proxies"?
Can you suggest a few?

Would a close look at your Income Portfolio provide a selection of appropriate names?

Tax-advantaged income is preferred over interest-producing products.

Thank you,

Read Answer Asked by John on February 09, 2023

Q: For my wife's Cash account. Ignore asset allocation...I already own all of these and have some top-up monies available and assigned towards each of these 4 = BNS, FTS, NRGI, NWC.

I have designated monies to invest/month over the next 3 months (I am roughly half way into my re-investment strategy).

In terms of upside potential, what order would you buy these? My thoughts => NRGI, then BNS, then FTS, then finally NWC.


Read Answer Asked by Stephen on January 23, 2023

Q: I've been looking at my allocations and am very low in consumer defensive, consumer cyclical and materials. Could you give me some recommendations for companies in these areas that give a 3.5%div or more. For US and Canada. Ones that you would consider now a good time to buy. Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Pat on January 18, 2023

Q: Hello, I am underweight Consumer Defensives, currently having only a small position in Costco.

Could you rank your favourite ideas in this sector with growth potential and current valuation as important criteria?

Thank you, Doris

Read Answer Asked by Doris on January 09, 2023

Q: Hi 5i,
3 questions I believe, so please deduct accordingly:
In each of the following groupings which name do you see as having the largest gain (dividends and capital gain) after a three year hold and, if you would, brief reasons for your choices. Also, if any seem to you a bad idea to buy and pay little attention to for three years, please say so,
I look forward to your thoughts. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Peter on December 14, 2022

Q: Good Morning
I woud appreciate it if you could provide me with Credit Ratings for the following companies as I have been unable to find the information. Maybe your Bloomberg will help me.
Do you consider the credit Rating to be a very important metric by which one can judge the safety of a company and of it's dividend?
Thank you............ Paul W. K.

Read Answer Asked by Paul on November 23, 2022

Q: My wife's Cash account. As funds become available, I plan to initiate a position in NRGI and top up 3 existing positions = BNS, FTS, NWC.

Due to the war, NRGI could be a good addition if the war carries on, or possibly negative if the war ends (I'd gladly lose some money if it helped end the war). NWC has had a good run lately, so my thought was to do it last if at all. I currently have a large paper loss on BNS and a large paper gain on FTS. With interest rates still probably rising, that might help BNS and hurt FTS, but the market might be looking past the remaining interest rate hikes.

My thoughts on the sequence of buying when funds are available are = NRGI, BNS, FTS, NWC.

Your thoughts on sequence and why please...thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on October 20, 2022

Q: My son has saved up for a bit and has a decent amount of capital for his age. He has a TFSA but his investments are varied and not the best for a long term portfolio. We recently sat down and planned out a long term portfolio that would less risky for long term holdings. Would you guys change/swap, remove or add any from this portfolio of Canadian Stocks? TD, MG, BAM.A, ENB, SLF, FSV, T, FTS, CNR and TRI. Is the market also in a comfortable position to currently make a large investment of capital? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Kevin on August 16, 2022

Q: Iím thinking of selling a position in Enbridge and buying Northwest Co.(NWC). I feel confident that NWC has a further pop from here comparing itís P/E to itís historical P/E. This is just a short term speculation trading idea. Other things I like are the management, recent insider buying by the CEO and price to sales ratio. Iíll still own Enbridge long term in my portfolio but this will be my first time looking into Northwest and just wanted your comments on my thoughts and on the pros and cons of Northwest. Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by James on August 09, 2022

Q: Hello, would you agree with this statement that I've found from Motley Fool on investing in NWC ?:

"The company is excellent at controlling costs. And its razor-sharp focus on costs plus vertical integration means it is always improving its margins. The stock recently had a selloff after its profitability reduced significantly. But this reduction was due to inflationary costs that the company didn't pass on to consumers."

How would you rate management?
By many metrics, to me it looks historically cheap.....would you agree?

The 3.7% annualized dividend increase since 2018 isn't keeping up with inflation. How do you see dividend increases going forward?

Read Answer Asked by James on July 25, 2022

Q: Can I please have your top 5 US and Canadian consumer non cyclical stock choices?
Are there any international choices as well?

Thanks so much.

Read Answer Asked by lorraine on July 19, 2022