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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Peter, what are your top 10 defencive dividend paying stocks in Canada in order of safety please.
Read Answer Asked by Ken on October 23, 2023
Q: In a Rif account, looking for steady and increasing dividends over time. Of the two, which has better metrics for long term sustainability. Brief recap of metrics also on the chosen one also

Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Harry on September 20, 2023
Q: Hi 5i,

My current communications holding (VZ:US/Verizon) only amount to 3.5% of portfolio and should be at about 8% according to Portfolio Analysis.
1. Would you continue to hold VZ?
2. Either way, could you recommend some additional/better opportunities?

Many thanks
Read Answer Asked by ralph on September 20, 2023
Q: Hi guys
Northwest Company keeps hitting new lows. I see current earnings of 2.42 and a PE of 12.6. Do you know what the earning are expected to be for 2024? I am assuming one reason the stock has dropped so much was because sales would have been negatively affected in their stores in the North West Territories in towns like Yellowknife and Hay river. I guess we will see how significant that is when earning are released on September 13th.

At these levels how compelling a buy do you consider NWC? I am thinking of adding to my position but it still would be less than a 3% weight.

Thanks for everything you folks do.

Read Answer Asked by Stuart on September 11, 2023
Q: Are you aware of any reason for Parkland to drop over 5% on over 5 times the normal volume yesterday? I couldn't find anything. The stock is held in my husband's TFSA with a good gain over several years. It is a small portion of our total portfolio. I had been thinking of adding on its recent positive momentum. Or selling to add to a partial new position in NWC. Thank you for taking the time to do a little checking. Have a great long weekend.
Read Answer Asked by JANE on September 01, 2023
Q: What is your current assessment of George Weston. Its share price is down about 20% since its high of 4-5 months ago, and seems to be in a downward trend. It has a fairly small dividend. How does it look to you? Are there any reasons you to continue to hold this? Do you have any other defensive names that you prefer? Thanks,
Read Answer Asked by Leonard on September 01, 2023
Q: Morning.
Cdn dividend portfolio of 10 stocks
BCE, bns, cibc, eif, enb, ppl, Royal, tc td, and Telus
Which 2 would you get rid of..and why?
What would you replace them with, (dividend above 4%)
Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Michael on August 21, 2023
Q: As a follow up to my question on Target. What would be a replacement for it? I am a dividend investor with some growth stocks. I aleady have NWC, PEP, PBH and PG. Should I just add to NWC as it is low right now with the 4% dividend, add equally to these or is there a particualr peference of another such as KO?
Read Answer Asked by STANLEY on August 18, 2023
Q: Hello,

I'm hoping you might be able to steer me towards several suitable, longer term, investments.

If you were assembling a portfolio of equity investments today, from which you REQUIRED an overall average yield of at least 4%, with a further need for that yield to either keep pace with or to outpace the rate of inflation in coming years; which 5 Canadian and which 5 USA equities would you select to include within your portfolio?

1) Independent of any consideration of a desire for diversity of sector?

2) If diversity were to be considered to be of importance?

Please deduct as many question credits as you feel may be appropriate.

Thank you!
Read Answer Asked by Richard on August 14, 2023
Q: Wondering if it is time to trade T. Been reading about NWC and wondering if this is a good dividend stock to replace T. Are there other dividend stocks you would recommend.
Read Answer Asked by Stephen on August 03, 2023
Q: I sold TRP today at basically a break even price because I do not want to wait out the final outcome of their recent split up plan and to see how their debt is allocated etc. I was in the stock for long term income given I am recently retired. It will be hard to find an equivalent yield, given capital preservation is a prime objective along with the income. TRP was held in a non registered account for tax advantaged dividend income.

With long term capital preservation a goal along with income generation, and that I hold all of the above listed companies already in appropriate proportions and don't wish to add to them or their sectors (no more utilities, financials or telecoms) what other Canadian blue chip dividend companies would you consider for long term hold with decent dividends for income? I also already have enough allocated to bonds, GIC's and cash accounts so I'm not considering these assets either.

Manageable debt levels and ability to maintain dividend growth, hopefully at the rate of inflation or higher is the main criteria I would hope to have in replacing TRP for the long haul. Thank you for your valued insight in giving me suggestions to look at.
Read Answer Asked by Andrew on August 03, 2023
Q: BAM, BEP and EIF are each at about 2.7% of my total holdings. I can top up one to 5%. Which would you choose and why? And if the answer is 'none of the above', please suggest two Canadian companies with dividends >4% with some growth you would recommend, irrespective of sector. (T, NPI and SU already held and not wishing to increase my investment here at this time.) Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Maureen on July 18, 2023
Q: What order would you rank these four stocks for most potential in the next 2-3 years from your dividend portfolio?
Read Answer Asked by Craig on July 11, 2023
Q: Hello. What do you think of a switch from NWC to AW.UN (both in an RSP)?

NWC is currently 1.4% of our portfolio at a gain of 24% (40% with dividends).
AW.UN is currently 1.7% of our portfolio at a slight loss of -3%, but with a gain when including dividends.

Read Answer Asked by Robert on June 08, 2023
Q: Retired, dividend-income investor. I know you "just recently" added to NWC. I had also planned to top up an almost full position, but was waiting for a pullback.

Since then NWC has reported and the market reaction is not kind...down 8% at the time of writing this question. What are you current thoughts, now that you have additional information? Would you add now or wait a few days for the dust to settle?

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on June 07, 2023