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Review of Bank of Nova Scotia

AUG 30, 2022 - Year-to-date, BNS shares have lagged peers due to relatively slower earnings growth, acquisitions size and pipeline, and select international exposure (versus domestic). While the soft pockets might be temporary, international diversification can still work in BNSí favor in the long term. Rating maintained at ĎA-Ď.

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Q: Hello,

With the articles in the press now revealing the lack of leadership, poor succession planning, disgruntled employees, spotty review of the new CEO, why are you sticking with BNS when there are other banks that IMHO offer far better potential for the reasons I mentioned above.

I was under the impression that these factors play a major role in selecting companies that appear in 5i portfolios.

For full disclosure, I do not own BNS


Read Answer Asked by Sheldon on October 03, 2022

Q: Of the holdings in the Income Portfolio, can you suggest a few names that have the best prospects for growing their dividend over the next decade, through all market conditions?


Read Answer Asked by Joel on October 03, 2022
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