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Q: Hello,question concerning the changes on the Income portfolio, H and CSH are been added to the portfolio jan.16,why we are not been notified on the change in real time, i've also noticed the change on the chart the Yearly dosen't give me the performance since Inception why the changes ?
Thank You

Read Answer Asked by DANIEL on February 14, 2019

Q: What do you think of DVYE the Ishare emerging market dividend ETF. Well rated by morningstar in its categorie. I know you recommend VEE / VWO in US version which is what i want. Any red flags, should i stick with VWO for market cap exposure ? May i have your analysis and comments.
Thanks !
Do you think you're going to do some buying in the income portfolio which I was kind of waiting for to get new prospects ?

Read Answer Asked by denis on February 14, 2019

Q: Good Morning,

I currently hold BEP, AQN and ENB in the utilities category of my portfolio with ENB weighted 50% more than BEP and AQN. I want to diversify and add a 4th to the group and would like your recommendation. CU comes to mind but I am wondering if it is still controlled by the Southern family ( Nothing personal but out of principle I am not a fan of family controlled public companies that put family members in charge rather than the best person for the job...). I am a retired investor looking for income with a dash of safety.


Read Answer Asked by Morgan on January 22, 2019
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