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Q: Hello, I am looking at making some adjustments to my portfolio over the next few months as I am concerned about the possibility of the next recession perhaps coming by the end of 2019 or early 2020. I would appreciate your recommendations for some defensive stocks which would weather a recession without too big of a drop. I already hold ENB, FTS, BNS and TD which I intend to keep but am looking to replace some of my other stocks with more defensive names.
thanks for your advice.

Read Answer Asked by Paula on January 28, 2019

Q: Good Morning,

I currently hold BEP, AQN and ENB in the utilities category of my portfolio with ENB weighted 50% more than BEP and AQN. I want to diversify and add a 4th to the group and would like your recommendation. CU comes to mind but I am wondering if it is still controlled by the Southern family ( Nothing personal but out of principle I am not a fan of family controlled public companies that put family members in charge rather than the best person for the job...). I am a retired investor looking for income with a dash of safety.


Read Answer Asked by Morgan on January 22, 2019
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