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Q: 10:15 AM 5/16/2019
1. Could you please provide the numbers for, and compare and comment on : debt levels, financial leverage, debt to cashflow, and payout ratios for EMA, FTS, AQN, BIP.UN, BEP.UN.
2. You seem to always rate EMA at the bottom of the list [Why?] but I believe EMA has sold off some significant assets [Emera Maine and others?, more to come?] so debt levels should be lower, so is it a secure buy now for long-term dividend income?
3. I worry that BIP and BEP both have extremely high payout ratios. You have suggested that a total of 15% of one's portfolio in these two would be acceptable. Are you still of that opinion?
Thank you........ Paul K

Read Answer Asked by Paul on May 21, 2019

Q: 3:44 PM 5/8/2019
I really apreciated the TSX60 list with US revenue percent for each company. I do however have some questions. Several of the numbers were a surprise.

1. We are told that TD Bank is 50% or more American with a branch on almost every corner in many large US cities but your list shows only 26% of revenue is derived from the US. Can you confirm this number as it makes a big difference to my investing decision.

2. I see Emera has 70% of income from the US which seems a little high to me as I understood that Emera was about evenly balanced between Canada and the US.

3. Fortis with huge investments in ITC in Michigan and 6 adjacent states [the largest independent electricity transmission company in the United States], in Central Hudson Gas and Electric and in UNS in Arizona shows just 9% US income. Surely this figure is sadly out of date.

Can we trust the rest of the figures in the list?

Thank you.............. Paul K

Read Answer Asked by Paul on May 08, 2019
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