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Q: CRT.UN is my only real estate exposure in my current unregistered portfolio (5% of the unregistered, 1.8% of the total, portfolios). Exploring replacing that with BAM.A (which you answered for me a few weeks ago, not part of this question) or with NWH.UN.
Re: CRT -- pro: better debt level than NWH (?); con: I already have similar exposure to CTC
Re: NWH -- pro: I currently have no other health care exposure (except the tiny portion of Telus); slightly better global diversification; higher dividend; con: higher debt; no historic dividend increases
Any other considerations? What are your thoughts on this potential swap?
Thanks again for all your comments and service.

Read Answer Asked by Lotar on May 03, 2021

Q: In my unregistered account (focus on low-debt, low volatility, dividend payers, and about 1/3 of total portfolio) my only real estate exposure is CRT.UN (5% of account, 1.8% of total portfolio). I have similar level of investment in CTC.
Would it make sense to replace CRT.UN with BAM.A, realizing that BAM would have much more than real estate (I have quite a bit of other renewable power elsewhere) and I'd be giving up around 3% dividends in the move.
Or a different REIT?
Time horizon 5 - 7 years.
Thanks for all your advice & guidance.

Read Answer Asked by Lotar on April 05, 2021
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