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Q: In my TFSA, I have enjoyed the returns of CM, BMO, SLF, SIS. Not so much GUD and XBC. However, still good news. Am thinking of adding one of ANRG, ATA or T.
Very balanced otherwise, willing to take on risk. Please rank or should I add to the conservative side. Please free to suggest others....CTS? Well?

Read Answer Asked by Paul on January 14, 2022

Q: I hold all 3 in a non-registered account, and spin-offs from U.S. companies can bring unnecessary complications at tax time (86.1 elections requiring paper tax filing) - I just want to avoid that whenever possible. Given market efficiency theories, the value of the spin-outs 'should' be in the stock close to spin-out time. Given that, does your Bloomberg advise as to when the ex-dividend dates will be for the spin-outs of these 3? Thanks very much....

Read Answer Asked by warren on January 11, 2022
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