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Q: One gets weary of the seemingly endless legal battles that JNJ continues to suffer. I have held on to shares assuming all sides would surely give in to battle-fatigue. My assumption looks wrong, especially after yet another defeat by JNJ on Friday July 28. Worth holding or move on? As always, your opinion backed by your own reasoning would be much appreciated. If you think best trim or sell, what dividend payer in health care would you favor today (US only).

Read Answer Asked by Adam on August 02, 2023

Q: good morning,

I'm overweight communications services, own BCE,T,DIS and GOOG. Telecoms are for dividends disney for a recovery if and when Iger sells TV and streaming business. Not selling GOOG which is more hybrid .If I where to trim telecoms where can i find a similar dividend stream.
Also is there any way to split google in portfolio analytics between technology and comm services. What are the percentages?

Thanks (gratefully)

Plenty of credits left

Read Answer Asked by Denis on July 24, 2023
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