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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: With the backdrop of global warming and water likely becoming a more valued resource (see Columbia River article on CNN), are there any companies that over the long term (5-10 years) may see strong growth as a result?

Read Answer Asked by Dave on August 24, 2021

Q: With the possible exception of MDT or ISRG, some of the US listed medical stocks remain down near their lows while other names have rallied hard. I am interested in the companies above and wonder if you can tell me if each would be a buy for you at current levels? Again each are down a lot, have favourable analyst ratings but haven't bounced much. Are there any on this list you DO NOT like?

Read Answer Asked by Tim on March 27, 2020

Q: Hi, I've held ISRG for a few years now, am up 25% but was honestly expecting more. It's traded largely sideways since Sept of 2018. 5i and I both seem to have similar (great) expectations for this company, but they just can't break $620 or so.

I'm tempted to dump ISRG and pick up some IHI which includes a number of other seemingly great companies that are on my watch list. However, I keep thinking ISRG is on the brink of its next big leg up. From my research, I have ISRG at the bottom of its long term channel - which if it holds - would have stock price growth at 40% from here...

Help me decide: hold (even add) to ISRG, or dump it and pick up IHI. Perhaps a bit of column A and column B?


Read Answer Asked by Cameron on February 10, 2020

Q: Recent XYL results and the stock drops 7%. I've held for years and it has been one of my more volatile and poorer performing stocks. Yet even after today's action I'm up 15%.

I really want to own XYL largely b/c I firmly believe we'll need more 'engineered' water solutions. However, I'm ready to sell and try something different.

Please tell me why I should continue to hold XYL and not sell to buy WAT, AWK, DHR or and ETF like PHO.


Read Answer Asked by Cameron on February 10, 2020

Q: I would like to buy a stock or ETF that deals with water treatment, possibly desalination, or purifying water. This would be a US holding, but not necessarily aimed at treating water in the US. What suggestions might you have? I thought about American WaterWorks, and would like an idea of what else is out there, especially for desalination treatment. Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Elizabeth on January 09, 2020

Q: I know you don't deal with US, but it seems people like to own US stocks as there are more opportunities. All of these stocks except Team have been recommended by at least 2 analysts on Market Call. Could you tell me briefly why these over the last three months have been performing so poorly. Which one would be the first one you would sell? Thanks for your expert opinion. Dennis

Read Answer Asked by Dennis on November 06, 2019

Q: With Danaher being in the news, I'm reminded that the founders of DHR are they guys behind CFX, which has been struggling.

With 5i always discussing how important good management is, do the guys behind CFX warrant investment despite the poor track record of the stock price? What are your thoughts on CFX in general?


Read Answer Asked by Cameron on February 28, 2019

Q: This is for my wife's RRSP, she is now 70 and will soon have to start withdrawing. Have recently sold J&J and have about 17K to re-invest. For the US portion of her portfolio she currently holds: AMTD; FB; AT&T; MSF. For stability (preservation of capital), some growth and growing dividends which of the above which you recommend without regard to sector. If you can suggest another or even two securities with better overall qualities that meet my requirements, I would appreciate your suggestion.

Read Answer Asked by Joseph on August 20, 2018

Q: Hi 5i,

I own all the above in the healthcare sector. After reading many comments on JNJ, I am getting a bit concerned. Would you continue to hold on or would you replace it with something else in the same sector? It is inside an RSP so no tax for selling and it is a long term hold as I do t need the money for over a decade.


Read Answer Asked by Wayne on August 09, 2018

Q: Good day,

I know that your focus is not the US but the landscape is changing with the election so perhaps you could just be a sounding board. I have a large position in JNJ (for growing yield and broad diversification), a full position in EXE (for yield), and a 3% position in CRH (for growth). JNJ trades at a premium, justly so. I was thinking of swapping these holdings except maybe EXE for CVS, NVO and DHR. DHR is now focused since its spin off of Fortive and has been a long-term outperformer (it is devices and consumables). NVO (drugs) and CVS (broad healthcare) are great growth stocks that are beaten down compared to JNJ and together offer comparable yields. What would be your thoughts?



Read Answer Asked by Derek on October 07, 2016