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Q: Hi Team,
Shop is falling again today despite earnings beats and price target increases across the board. Is it a good time to buy the shares from todays profit takers? Also in general do you see this market sell off sparked by the fitch downgrade of the US credit rating a buying opp? There has been some brutal sell offs over the last 2 days. Which names would you be looking to buy in this weakness? Thanks


Read Answer Asked by Shane on August 03, 2023

Q: With regards to the shift in consumer thinking related to moving away from using fossil fuels for home heating/cooling, are there any companies that would stand to benefit from the shift towards heat pumps?

Trane and Honeywell come to mind but are they actually good companies for investors? The 3 to 5 year charts show them as being somewhat rangebound.

Are there perhaps other companies? Or companies that supply the parts for the heat pumps?


Read Answer Asked by Brian on July 21, 2023

Q: Hi team,

Grateful if you could provide a list of your top growth stocks, ten Canadian and ten American, for the next 2-3 years, excluding “lottery tickets”, with short comments and a risk evaluation. Please deduct as many credits as you see fit.

Thank you for the good work,

Jacques IDS

Read Answer Asked by Jacques on July 06, 2023
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