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Investment Q&A

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Q: hi,
according to portfolio tracking and analysis, I am short on basic materials, consumer cyclical, health care, industrials. im also quite short US and international equities. I prefer equities with dividends that are growing, and has some capital appreciation/growth as well. with this in mind, can you provide your top few picks in each sector please. much appreciated. chris
Read Answer Asked by chris on October 26, 2023
Q: Hello 5i
Your analysis tells me that i am underweight in basic materials. I have been thinking about buying more of Stella Jones, which i already own. But, as you will know, it has had a pretty good run recently. So, i was then wondering about looking for a good prospect that has been more beaten down and with a good chance of a rebound. Would you go with SJ, or would there be a better choice, either in Canada or US? Dividend doesn't matter. I have a feeling that this isn't a bad time to be looking at basic materials. Would you agree with that?
Thanks as always for your help
Read Answer Asked by joseph on October 17, 2023
Q: Hi team,

Can you please list your:

1. Top 3 material stocks that trade on a usa exchange?

2. Top 3 gold/silver that trade on a usa exchange?

Iím looking for mid cap (mid risk with mid growth)

Read Answer Asked by David on August 28, 2023
Q: I have no exposure to Materials or Utilities right now in our RRSP. All other sectors are well represented. What stocks would be your preferred in Canada and/or the US in those sectors? Thinking of NTR or SJ maybe in Canada and perhaps LIN in the US. Maybe FTS or BIP for utilities.Thoughts?
Read Answer Asked by Gerry on May 09, 2023
Q: Given the current economic climate and potential future trends, which industries or sectors do you believe are well-positioned for long-term growth in the stock market, and what specific Canadian and US companies within those industries or sectors do you believe have strong fundamentals and potential for long-term momentum?

Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Derek on April 26, 2023
Q: How do you think SU will do in the next couple years and what would be your top 5 favorite energy plays in the Canadian Market? Also, with China reopening, US dollar on a downtrend and noticing several major Metal/Copper stocks gapping up like FCX and VALE, SCCO, how would you rank these and what are your top 5 companies domestic or international to take adv of rising commoditiy/metal prices
Read Answer Asked by Sheldon on April 17, 2023
Q: Good morning. I am underweight Materials and Industrials and want to add to my holdings in those sectors. I considering adding some or all of the above as new positions to my RRIF. Do you consider it is a good time to be adding these companies to my portfolio or do you have other suggestions in the Material and Industrial sector that you consider better to purchase at this time. Please take as many credits as you consider appropriate.
Thanks for your great advise.
Read Answer Asked by Peter on March 13, 2023
Q: I have been able to top up my TFSA accounts and now find I am sitting on about 40K in USD. I am looking for growth, preferably with a dividend, in a well managed and reliable company, or companies. I'm overweight in Tech & Utilities, OK in Finance, low in Energy, underweight in Industrial. A quick look at the US sectors has given me the feeling that now isn't the time to start with Staples, Health Care or Utilities and that there seems to be caution with respect to Energy. Materials and possibly Industrials, which has puzzled me, as I would think China reopening and the US's infrastructure spending would have helped the last three sectors mentioned. I welcome your thoughts, and any suggestions, as they are usually very insightful!
Read Answer Asked by Dawn on February 07, 2023
Q: Looking ahead to the US re-industrialization policy what companies or sectors will benefit most from the growth outlined in the IRA? Top US and Canadian traded please.
Read Answer Asked by Regan on February 07, 2023
Q: Hi,

I have about 8% of my portfolio in WPM, LUN, DPM and FCX. Wondering if you think I should add 3% in steel?

If so, which US or CDN companies would you recommend? STDL seems to have the best long term returns but I've heard their earning are expected to go down next year?
Read Answer Asked by Graeme on February 01, 2023
Q: My question is on US stock market in general. Due to this interest hike and other market conditions, you think those companies which have more sales in US will have better chance to show growth in sales and profit compared to large caps with has more sales outside of USA. Your opinion. If yes than if you can name some industrial names which has bright growth prospects.
Read Answer Asked by Piyush on January 16, 2023
Q: What are you top few materials and industrial stocks in Canada and the US for 2023?
Read Answer Asked by Gerry on January 09, 2023
Q: "US proposes green steel-maling club". Please advise from this list
1. what are the pros and cons/ risks for each
2. rank based on safety and growth, with a suggested buy target price
3. your thoughts on AA as a metals diversifer in this group
Read Answer Asked by sam on December 12, 2022
Q: On a question regarding WELL you indicated, the appetite for growth stocks driven by acquisition, with sub $700 million cap have just about 0% appetite right now. If you ture that around, what is there an appetite for now and please give me 5 examples of Canadian companies and American companies that meet those requirements. Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Les on June 06, 2022
Q: What do you suggest in Food , Fertilizer and
Material stocks? I am looking at"beefing" up in those three areas as a protection for the present high inflation.
Read Answer Asked by Jean on April 18, 2022