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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I am light on materials. Please provide a recommendation for best 3 'materials' stocks in US and Canada at this time. What is a good materials ETF for reference. Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Patrick on January 26, 2022

Q: A family member would like to build a US dollar portfolio with US stocks. My thought would be to do it along the lines of the 5iR Cdn Balance Portfolio. For example, JPMorgan would be the US stock for the BNS. With this in mind, and being able to tolerate risk and for a long-term intention, like 10 years, what would you suggest the 15+ position US portfolio would look like?....Thanks...Tom

Read Answer Asked by Tom on June 24, 2021

Q: Looking to add to my gold exposure (currently a small position in GLD). Can you let me know your preferred choice for a:
1. Gold ETF
2. Gold Miner/Producer
3. Gold explorer
4. Gold - high risk/high opportunity
5. Gold...? something alternative here, perhaps like GoldMoney



Read Answer Asked by Cameron on August 25, 2020

Q: Hello 5I Team
Newmont Corporation is a US domiciled company and trades primarily on the US market (NEM:US) and it also trades on the Canadian Market (NGT:CA).
I am assuming the Canadian listing is a result of the Goldcorp acquisition in 2019.
1 - Which is the better market (Canada or US) to purchase Newmont on?
2 - Assuming the dividends from Newmont are not eligible for the dividend tax credit, would it be better to buy the Canadian domiciled companies (ABX, AEM, FNV, KL etc.) and receive eligible dividends? The yield on all the major gold miners is approximately 1 %, so I understand yield is not the primary reason for holding gold stocks.

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on August 20, 2020

Q: I have small positions in FNV and AEM. I am looking to add another gold company. Would you prefer ABX or NEM and why? Or would you prefer KL over those two and why?
Thanks, Tim.

Read Answer Asked by tim on April 14, 2020

Q: Fiscal and monetary policy is point the direction that if and when markets recover there is going to be a lot of money and keep money.

1. Are you a believer of gold and silver?
2. Would you choose one or the other or both?
3. If so, which companies would you choose and when would you enter?

Many thanks

Read Answer Asked by James on March 26, 2020

Q: I'm interested in Newmont (NEM) mining. Management has promised that their dividend is linked to the gold price. That sounds attrative if the biase is positive over the medium term. I feel like this is a good stock to have exposure to the gold sector, while be given a dividend to wait until the next upleg on the gold price. How does Newmont stack up with the other gold companies in your opinion?

Read Answer Asked by Eugene on March 05, 2013