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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: According to my portfolio analysis, I need to increase my US & international exposure. I am underweight in materials, real estate, communication services and utilities. Could you suggest 2-3 of your favourites US stocks for each of these 4 sectors? I greatly appreciate all the good advice I received from being a member of 5iResearch.

Read Answer Asked by jacques on July 16, 2021

Q: Could you suggest five Canadian and five American companies that would benefit from inflation. Could you also suggest five Canadian in five American companies that would benefit from higher interest-rate. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Paul on June 10, 2021

Q: On CNBC on Friday Tom Lee disclosed these 20 as his "Epicentre Stock Portfolio" and opined that the bottom is in. He seems to be quite revered and apparently his calls have been more correct than not. Could you list your best seven from this list that you would buy today in order. Any other comment of course welcomed as well - Ken

Read Answer Asked by Ken on May 17, 2021

Q: Will you please give me your top choices in Forestry stocks, at present, Can either be CAN or US.

Also, please give your top choices in either country for Agriculture Stocks.

Thank you. Please take 2 credits.

Read Answer Asked by Donna on February 08, 2021

Q: In my previous question about Earth Alive Clean Technology you mentioned the % of insider and institutional holding, wouldn’t you view that as a positive , especially for such a small company? The market for the sectors they’re in is very large, with the above companies I’ve referenced, if Earth Alive Clean can grab an increase in market share with their new products it could transformational for them , no?

Read Answer Asked by Allen on February 04, 2021

Q: I'm down 60% on all three of these and finally taking the tax write off. The good news is that I can use it this year. Would you consider any worth buying back again after 30 days or not ? QST has been showing signs of life recently and perhaps CXI will recover when the world starts to travel again ? What would you do ?

Read Answer Asked by JOHN on December 21, 2020

Q: I own 2500 shares (~CA$136,000) of Nutrien (non-registered account) with an unrealized capital loss of approximately $19,000. To realize this loss, I am planning to sell my position in Nutrien with aim to re-buy after 30 days. In the interim, to maintain weighting in that sector, what suggestions do you have for an economically similar security (or securities)? (My holding is currently in a US$ brokerage account, so would be easiest to switch to another US$ security, although I could journal-entry my shares into the corresponding CA$ account, and sell my NTR shares in CA$, if you suggest a CA$ security[ies].)


Read Answer Asked by Ted on October 26, 2020

Q: For diversifying shareholdings, would any of these companies be appropriate?
LYB, for instance, appears to be on an upward trend. Your assessment and preferred choice is appreciated.
Thank you, Team!

Read Answer Asked by Sigrid on April 29, 2020

Q: I am holding Mosaic at a loss, and it represents well less than 1% of my portfolio. That being said, the business of agriculture is here to stay, and farmers need companies like Mosaic to provide them what they need to grow food. Is this company worth hanging on to, or is it time to move on? Should I sell, my first plan to reallocate this capital would be to increase my position in VLKAY: it is a small position that I would not mind increasing, as it would help my portfolio allocation. Thanks for reading, and I look forward to your response.

Read Answer Asked by Domenic on September 18, 2017

Q: My question is on M-x as well as M.PR-x as I hold some of each. How do you feel about this stock going forward? What do you think of its underlying holdings in our current low energy environment? How much of their business is Alberta based? And how safe is the cash flow in terms of covering their preferred dividend? Thanks for your help.

Read Answer Asked by Noel on January 12, 2015