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Q: Good morning,

I currently own a number of different energy stocks of which most are in the OIL sector. In this current investment environment, the Gas sector seems to offer a better risk reward ratio and I would like to better balance my Oil/Gas stock split.

Question 1. Do you agree that Natural Gas stocks currently offer a better potential return than OIL stocks over the next few years?

Question 2. If so, which of the these OIL stocks would you replace with Natural Gas stocks?

Question 3. Which Natural Gas stocks are currently your best ideas?

Thank you for your sage advice.
Read Answer Asked by Francesco on June 13, 2024
Q: Considering the recent run-up of nutrient would you change your entry level price of 65$ and secondly would you consider a switch from White Cap to nutrient at what price to offer more upside? Currently I am overweight and On margin with white cap with the dividend all but paying the interest. Any thoughts .and tks.Larry
Read Answer Asked by Larry on May 10, 2024
Q: hello 5i:
From both a valuation pov, and knowing these are some of your favourites, and factoring in that TOU is already owned: if looking for an "oilier" name, it appears SU has the best valuation. Not confining your reply to the listed names, would you agree with this assessment?
Paul L
Read Answer Asked by Paul on May 08, 2024
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