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Q: Do you consider any of these dividends to be unsustainable? Any other comments on these companies?

Read Answer Asked by James on December 11, 2019

Q: 5i
Oil represents about 5% of my portfolio and is comprised of Freehold, Vermillion, Surge and Whitecap. I cannot get a good feel as to where the price of oil is headed in the next 2 years. Appears to me there are conflicting views. Should I get out of the oil sector, invest in good dividend paying stocks that would be more stable and re enter the oil market or not at a later date. All my oil stocks do pay high dividends, are they sustainable. Appreciate your insight on both the oil market and potential stocks to invest in regardless of sector if you feel exiting the oil market may be the way to go.


Read Answer Asked by Wayne on December 09, 2019

Q: A trading education question - today (Dec.5) WCP opened at $4.25, high of day was $4.36 and at 4pm closed at $4.29. Volume weighted average trade price for the day was $4.2918

On the TMX site more trades were listed at 4:10pm. Six trades printed, all done at $4.68
Selling brokers included brokerges with numbers 85,62,25,68 & 80. The TMX Member Firm Directory details those brokerages.

Question relates to the buying broker for all 6 of the 4:10pm EST trade prints - brokerage #100. Total volume printed for the 6 trades was 407,000 shares. Not mom or pop trading in their pajamas.

Who is brokerage #100 & what would be the probable reason for why the 6 shown trades were done at over a 9% premium to the day's volume weighted average trade price (ie. $4.68 vs $4.29)?

I'm assuming it's somehow related to institutional trading given individual trade volume sizes (250,000 on one print) but I would be interested to know a better answer. Ideas?

Thanks for insights and opinions.

Richard in PG

Read Answer Asked by Richard on December 06, 2019
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