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Investment Q&A

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Q: Hi team. Sorry to say I am -74% on SGY, and -38% on CJ. Both in a non-registered acct. With the recent reverse stock split on SGY the stock would need to go to ~$12 to get me back to even? Needless to say I don't think that is going to happen any time soon and I am ready to capitulate.
On CJ, the stock has been moving in the right direction but would need to hit $5.32 for me just to break even. Both stocks together = ~2 .5% of total portfolio. If I were to sell both and move on would you have 2-3 recommendations to re-coup with both dividends and growth. I presently have ENB at 2.5% and WCP at .34% of portfolio. I must state that I bought both SGY and CJ before I joined 5i, wish I hadn't. Regardless, appreciate and need your help to move on. Cheers. Bill

Read Answer Asked by William on August 25, 2021

Q: I live and Calgary and have spoken to quite a few people in the industry and they are saying similar information.
Essentially that declines in wells are going to out stripe the demand in the next year creating more demand then supply. Many companies around here have been underinvesting in new production due to the market conditions.
I am quite cautious on oil and gas companies as they haven't performed well over the last 7 years.
Are these people overly optimistic or is there a potential trade and opportunity to go up to 10% weighting in Oil and Gas?
If so, do you think CPG, WCP, and MEG would be good exposure?


Read Answer Asked by Colin on June 15, 2021

Q: I have been slowly existing this sector ( including pipelines ) as it is fraught with so many political, environmental, supply/ demand issues. The recent rise in o&g prices I see as temporary; the world has changed and the market has assigned a lower valuation to stocks in this industry. These are my remaining holdings ( bought at much higher prices) which comprise approximately 2 % of total portfolios. Believe I should sell them and get them off my portfolio sheet ( and out of my head ! ). Selling is much harder than buying. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Derek

Read Answer Asked by Derek on May 03, 2021

Q: Now that there has been shareholder and court approval of the "strategic combination" of these two companies when will I see my TOG shares become WCP shares? I can't find an actual date for this to take place. It was finalized yesterday so I thought perhaps it would have happened today. Any information on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.


Read Answer Asked by Michael on February 25, 2021