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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Thanks for your guidance. As we come to end of the year I am looking to book tax loss as I am down substantial on several stocks, including some highly recommended by 5I. My question is in 2 parts

Of the above stocks which one you still have conviction and would recommend buying back after 30 days
Are there any stocks that may move substantially and is advisable to buy proxy or buy the same stock in family members name for the next 30 days


Read Answer Asked by Nimish on December 02, 2022

Q: Hi Peter,

Do you see any "Generational opportunity", or "Once in a decade opportunity" for a Long time Invester in today's market.

Read Answer Asked by HARRY on November 29, 2022

Q: What would be your top five income and growth investments for an rrsp

Read Answer Asked by Bill on November 24, 2022

Q: For the financial sector of a new portfolio with a minimum of a 2-3 year time-frame please rank the above listed stocks for a) maximum return and b) risk. Please add other US or CDA names that you would consider in this situation, especially for higher returns.


Read Answer Asked by Alvin on November 23, 2022

Q: I would like to crystalize some Gains in KXS and reduce my holdings to a small amount (just a place holder).
I would like to add to the others listed above in the order of your preference.
All stocks in my TFSA.
Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Albert on November 23, 2022

Q: I may be incorrectly expecting downward pressure on oil prices given the likelihood of reduced demand from recessionary conditions. As a result I plan on exiting my position in Suncor and moving the funds elsewhere in hopes of capital appreciation. I follow the Balanced Portfolio with a few holdings of some other names you like. Wondering if you could provide a couple of Canadian companies you feel are undervalued right now regardless of sector. Donít need the cash again for 10 years.

Read Answer Asked by Chris on November 22, 2022

Q: Four Cnd. stocks, Four US. stocks, that you feel will return 10% in the next year.

Read Answer Asked by eugene on November 21, 2022

Q: What would be your top picks for dividend stocks that are trading currently at good discounts and have a great recovery potential-across all segments US and Canada? One group making 3.5% or higher; one group 2-3% but have more growth opportunity? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Pat on November 18, 2022

Q: Iíve trimmed some winners and stocks that have run up in the reverb rally and Iíve had some good energy names. Can you suggest any laggards that might come up on your screens? They could be growth , cyclical or value, etc but just some names that have upside but might play catch up.

Read Answer Asked by Bruce on November 15, 2022

Q: Hi team ,
Gsy is falling today. Earnings seemed good last week and I am seeing price target upgrades. I would of expected some strength here instead of sell off. Any reason for the negativity today? Should we be buying into weakness here ? Seems this company continues to be under appreciated and perhaps still relatively under owned. Would you agree this set up makes for great long term buying opp ? Buffett style focusing on fundamentals instead of market negativity? Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Shane on November 15, 2022