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Q: Looking for updated thoughts on Bird Construction, it seems since the Fall of 2022 this stock (up 3X) turned around and has a nice run of new contracts expanding into Nuclear work for the Ontario Government, which is intriguing among many other contracts for larger builds and a nice growing backlog.
Market Cap nearing 1 billion which you seem to like as more Investors consider it.
Do you know Management at all and what are your thoughts?
Who is their nearest competitor regardless of size and who is their closest in size and competition in Canada?
What is the biggest risk you see to this specific company?
If you had to choose between BDT or another North American company in the same space (non-residential construction exposure) if not BDT who are they?
Read Answer Asked by Michael on February 28, 2024
Q: Hi All,

I have 1/2 positions in the following and would like to add to the stronger companies going out 1-3 years.

Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Anthony on February 07, 2024
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