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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hi Peter & Ryan,
As a long-term holder of CGI accrued solid returns past 5 years. When compared against competitor Accenture CGI is a laggard. I'm considering swapping GIB.A for ACN. What's holding me back is the higher valuation multiple on ACN. Arguably GIB.A is better value but... Some of my holdings are in registered accounts so tax is not a consequence. As always your wisdom-filled feedback on the potential of this trade is welcome. TIA for commentary.

Read Answer Asked by Maury on June 16, 2021

Q: Long term holder of CGI in RSP account, and although itís performed decent enough, Iím looking for more growth. Which of DSG or ENGH would you recommend switching to, or would 1/2 position in both make more sense?
Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Tony on April 19, 2021

Q: Please rank these CDN tech stocks for 1) growth and 2) value. Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Tony on January 20, 2021

Q: Doing a year end review of all of my holdings. I would like to reduce my position in several stocks (or eliminate entirely in the case of HR.UN and CPH) in order to raise some cash for increasing my position in several other holdings. Fairly large question, so I will divide it into 2, this for the potential reductions and a further question about the potential adds. Would you please rank these stocks in the order you would reduce or eliminate to raise some cash, starting with the one you would be most inclined to reduce/eliminate. Sector, or large cap/small cap not a concern, as I have a broadly diversified portfolio with a lot (too many, really) of names. Thank you for this, and also for the very good service. My 1st year as a client, and I will certainly be renewing. I have recommended the site to a few friends who also do investing.

Read Answer Asked by Dan on December 20, 2020

Q: Hi Peter and Team,

I am a newbie here and really impressed by how appreciative members have been to the service you guys provide.

I have very small positions in both AC and GIB.A, and would like to consolidate to one for a long term hold. Could you please rank the two and also provide brief explanation?

Thanks for your insight!

Read Answer Asked by Ching on December 02, 2020

Q: Hello Peter, Ryan and Team,

I need to sell some of my shares in these companies to fund another investment. Of the stocks listed, in what order would you be inclined to sell first? Thank you.


Read Answer Asked by Bradley on November 27, 2020

Q: Hi 5iR Team,
Ok, this is a three horse race between KXS, ENGH and GIB. 5iR what do you think the bookies odds are on these horses as they approach the gate. Is one is a dark horse? Will they go neck and neck down to the wire, a photo finish? Perhaps one of them just can't go the distance while another hits their stride? In other words 5iR how do you see the race going and which horse would you bet on to win or is it an each way bet (bet on all three) ? Thanks 5iR Cheers

Read Answer Asked by Chris on November 12, 2020

Q: I own long term positions in CSU, KXS, DSG, ENGH and GIB.A in taxable accounts. And several smaller positions in other US and Canadian tech stocks. GIB.A performs ok but not great, especially when compared to the other positions. Is it worth keeping as a major position or would you suggest selling it and allocating the funds into the other major tech holdings?


Read Answer Asked by Joel on October 19, 2020

Q: I am growing increasingly impatient with GIB.A, PKI, and RTX. I am considering replacing each of these with the company I have indicated after them. What are your thoughts? OR should I temper my impatience?
Much appreciated as always. ram

Read Answer Asked by Ray on October 08, 2020

Q: Hi 5i Team:

I have about 2% of RCI.B in my portfoilio, and it seems keep going down. And I have lost some 20% of it. Should I take the loss? I also own GIB.A with a gain of 68%, I wonder if I should take the gain on this one.

Please take enough points for my questions.
Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by LOUISA on September 17, 2020