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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: In August of 2019, between "TRI" (at $80/per share) and "GIB.A" (at $101/per share), based on P/E valuation, I bought "GIB.a". Then three years later, in August, 2022, I compared both companies share performance, "TRI" went up 90% while "GIB.a" share price was in sleeping bag, almost the same as I bought 3 years ago. Considering no dividends while waiting, so I sold "GIB.a" and bought "TRI" which I am still happy with the switch. However, since beginning of this year, GIB.A left the sleeping bag and started moving up, and share price has gone up almost 30%. I wonder if you could help me understand what’s the reasons behind the move, worth to buy at current level? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Lin on July 27, 2023

Q: There is a news item that GIB.A has been awarded a contract to produce a "virtual flight data recorder". This sounds exactly like what FLY has been trying to sell for years but it never really got off the ground (sorry). Do you see GIB.A fairing better and what are the implications for FLY.

Read Answer Asked by Ian on June 21, 2023

Q: Re CGI; do you know the reason for the very large spike in volume on May 31 and if it has significance? I saw the recent question regarding Helsinki University. There was subsequent news regarding the company successfully accessing Azure on behalf of the US Marine Corps. These sound very positive.
Thanks for your insight.

Read Answer Asked by Ian on June 05, 2023

Q: Yesterday CGI Group announced that they have partnered with Helsinki University Hospital to produce an AI solution for analyzing brain CT scans and detecting brain hemorrhages. They noted that the solution may be offered to hospitals around the world and that it may also be used to advance the development of other AI-based healthcare solutions in the future.

This seems like an interesting new field for CGI and I am wondering if you think it is of significance in their future growth.

Read Answer Asked by Dan on May 30, 2023

Q: Please compare these companies in light of a possible recession and the tech and financial sector. Which would be your 1st choice for long term.

Thanks as always and happy to renew my membership again this year.

Read Answer Asked by Jean on March 21, 2023

Q: Please rank these companies on an expected total return basis for a 3 to 5 year hold. Some commentary would be appreciated. Thanks ram

Read Answer Asked by Ray on February 16, 2023

Q: I am a long-time shareholder in CGI Group (ticker: GIB.A on the TSX), a Canadian success story. Since 1996, the stock has risen some 300-fold (from 40 cents, split-adjusted, to new high this past Friday (~$122/share). One reason for the dramatic capital appreciation over the past 27 years is that, to my knowledge, CGI Group has never paid a dividend, preferring rather to buy back shares most years. I am curious, given the Canadian federal government's announcement re: taxing share buybacks (beginning in 2024, I believe), how you feel this might affect CGI share buyback policy in particular, as well as for other Canadian companies, in general.


Read Answer Asked by Ted on February 06, 2023

Q: I have space for 3 growth stocks in my TFSA. Looking at various sources, I found the above suggestions. Ideally, I am looking at 15-20% or more of annual earnings growth for the foreseeable future. How would you rank the above stocks, without regard for sectors, with a short explanation for the top 3. Also, any other suggestions? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Martin on February 06, 2023

Q: I'm looking for some of your expert advice. I am down in OTEX which I own in a taxable account. It is currently yielding a decent dividend. I am thinking of selling it after the X dividend date for the capital loss, and perhaps buying GIB.A. The latter does not pay a dividend but the stock is performing better. Do you sanction both parts of this trade? Do you think the OTEX dividend will be safe in the future?
Thanks, as always, for your advice.

Read Answer Asked by Ian on November 28, 2022

Q: Please provide your top five Canadian and top five U.S companies that you consider to have superior pricing power. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Greg on November 16, 2022

Q: If the fear of higher interest rates was causing the share prices of tech companies to fall, why would share prices rise today (April 13) with the announcement of a 0.5% rate increase?

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on April 13, 2022

Q: Hi Research Team

I"m interested in Tech companies with good to great Free Cash Flow going forward?
Does your team have a list of 10 U.S. Tech companies and 5 Canadian Tech companies that would fall into this criteria?

Read Answer Asked by cal on January 27, 2022