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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Can you suggest some growth ETFs (not necessarily healthcare ) which hold Eli and or REGN please?
Read Answer Asked by Mark on January 11, 2024
Q: I'm looking for names in the large cap pharma and biotech sectors. Can you suggest two stocks for each sector that look attractive to you right now for a 5+ year horizon? Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Stefan on March 10, 2023
Q: In an answer today you stated '20% of biotech companies in the US now trading below cash levels'. What would be your top biotech picks and/or your top biotech ETFs to play a recovery?
Read Answer Asked by Larry M. on May 11, 2022
Q: Hi, can you suggest some names in Biotech sector with 3-5 year time frame.
Read Answer Asked by Harpinder on April 21, 2022
Q: I have dabbled in a few mid to small cap Canadian bio companies over the years. I never have the stomach to hold on for the long term in general due to high volatility but I like the sector. I'm currently sitting on Sernova (SVA) for now at least. How Do you like them? Do you have any other recommendations in this sector?
Read Answer Asked by DAVE on March 02, 2022
Q: I'm hearing that pharma and biotech company valuations are at multi year lows. With one chart showing the percentage of US biotechs with market caps below cash value is at a 25 year high, and by a wide margin. Do you feel this sector shows a big opportunity to get good companies for cheap in a sector that will one day improve? If so what companies look best to you in Canada or US? Are there any sectors that are more beaten up? Thx
Read Answer Asked by Adam on February 23, 2022
Q: I have historically held my investments in mutual funds through a financial advisor. I subscribed to 5i Research approximately 3 years ago and made my first investments in equities and an ETF based primarily upon information obtained from 5i Research. The returns on VGRO ETF and my equities have been 2 to 4 times the gain for my mutual funds. I recently upgraded my subscription to include Portfolio Analytics. Based upon portfolio analytics, my current portfolio is reasonably well balanced with recommendations to add healthcare and industrials as well as some international exposure. I have cash on hand that I want to invest. I will hold my investments for the next 5 to 10 years. I am looking at purchasing some additional equities and an ETF with good growth potential at moderate risk. Please provide top 10 recommendations with rankings for stocks that I should consider adding to my portfolio. Please provide recommendations for top 5 ETFs with rankings that I should consider adding to my portfolio. What is your current view on VGRO? Would you suggest topping up my investment in VGRO?
Read Answer Asked by Don on December 06, 2021
Q: Looking to invest in the health care sector. Please rank these companies using the criteria of possibility of capital gains, relative security if inflation becomes a problem and fundamental strength. If you have other choices I would welcome the ideas.
Read Answer Asked by Les on November 22, 2021
Q: Good Afternoon 5i Team,

I'm looking to increase my exposure to the healthcare sector in Canada and the US. Can you please recommend 2-4 companies in each country that you think are worth looking into?
Read Answer Asked by David on October 18, 2021
Q: Making some adjustments based on portfolio analytics.
Whats your best growth suggestions for:
Health care (us/ international)
Industrial (us/ international)
Consumer defensive (us/ international)
Consumer cyclical (us/ international)
And what is your favorite way to add a fixed income component?
Take appropriate credits as nessacary.
Thx for the great service.
Read Answer Asked by Todd on October 15, 2021
Q: According to portfolio analytics I need to increase my allocation to healthcare.
Have MRK. Please rank the following from 1. growth perspective 2. safety perspective: MDT SYK ABBV ZBH REGN
Read Answer Asked by Doug on October 13, 2021
Q: Your Portfolio Analyzer tells me that I need more 'Healthcare" since I only have UNH and Well. Can you suggest an addition?

It also noted that I have zero consumer defensive. Can you suggest two for this sector.

A further note was being over weight in Canada.

Thanks again! Dan
Read Answer Asked by Dan on October 08, 2021
Q: I recently took profits in IBB and ARKG. I like the sector but would prefer a more focused approach. What are your 5 best biotech stocks for a long term hold. Thanks for this great service. I tell everyone that the best value around is a 5i membership.
Read Answer Asked by Christopher on October 07, 2021