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Q: hi group I asked a question on bio tech last Wed - no response as of yet ? - please follow up. The question was do you like the sector/ and what ETFs /top 3 individual stocks do you recommend thanks

Read Answer Asked by Terence on October 19, 2020

Q: Back in July 2020, I purchased ABBV, in a non-registered account, to get exposure to the healthcare sector and to continue to diversify my portfolio outside Canada. Since that time, I am down 16% on ABBV. Knowing 5i recommends ABBV, would you suggest I purchase more ABBV (average down)? Perhaps it would make more sense to sell it, take the tax loss, and purchase another healthcare company based outside of Canada. If your recommendation is to sell, what other healthcare sector companies would you suggest?

Read Answer Asked by Sean on October 05, 2020

Q: Hey guys,

My health care and industrial sectors are on the low side (under 10%), please provide the top 3 plays (Canadian or American) in each sector. These picks would be going into a "balance" type portfolio.

Read Answer Asked by jim on October 02, 2020
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