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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: What is your view of GEHC, the recent spinoff from GE, in terms of its growth prospects? Who are its major competitors and where would you generally rank GEHC among the competition? Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Dave on January 17, 2023

Q: Hi
I am down quite a bit on SNN? I am temped to sell for a tax loss and replace with xlv or IHI but am concerned that xlv or ihi as etfs do not have the same bounce potential as snn. is there another healthcare stock you can recommend or would you replace with xlv or ihi?

Read Answer Asked by Mary on December 09, 2022

Q: I hold these 3 healthcare stocks. Thinking of adding Lily. Do you see too much overlap in this combination or can you recommend others for diversification?

Thanks very much.


Read Answer Asked by Michael on November 21, 2022

Q: It seems many analysts feel that Health care is a good place to be going into the next 1 to 2 years, do you agree?
Could you name your top 5 Health Care Names, Canada or US?

Thank You

Read Answer Asked by Timothy on July 12, 2022

Q: I have been watching this for a while and all developments seem positive .
Particularly around the future of green energy and storage .
Is this short report and firm credible ?
Thoughts ?
Many Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Greg on June 23, 2022

Q: Good afternoon,

Looking for your assessment after what seems to be another disappointing quarter?
I own the stock, are there better places for healthcare exposure?

Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Brad on May 27, 2022

Q: Do you have three or four names in the medical equipment sector that you expect will do well this coming year.?

Read Answer Asked by Mike on May 24, 2022

Q: Two part question, deduct as many points as you like.

I'm just wondering if anyone at 5I has glanced at the 195 page(!!) short report that Spruce Point put out last week on Stryker. Anything in particular to be concerned about? I own it in my RRSP, and have been slowly adding to my position. It is the only stock that I own in the health care sector.

Also, what would be your top pick, CA or US in this sector, if I wanted to diversify my portfolio?

Thank you for all that you do.

Read Answer Asked by Ed on April 12, 2022

Q: Which would you choose if only one were to be added to a portfolio? I have owned SYK and know it to be a relatively steady-eddy company but one that has had some solid growth over the years. ISRG showed very promising stock appreciation but that has certainly cooled off over the past several months. Which do you feel has the better total upside over the next 5 years?

Appreciate your insight.

Paul F.

Read Answer Asked by Paul on April 06, 2022

Q: Hi Peter and Staff

Looking at my health care basket, I have a couple of losers in it VEEV and VTRS.

I have had losers I regretted selling and losers I wish I had not wasted opportunity cost on.......I am fine doing either....Do you think the risk/reward of selling either or both of these to top up ABBV,PFE,SYK or JNJ would be a good move in the long run ignoring how many positions I have or should I hang on. If a sale is suggested which order would you top up the 4 stocks mentioned.

Thanks for all you do

Read Answer Asked by Dennis on March 30, 2022

Q: Hello,

I'm looking to buy 4 or 5 US medical stocks for a long-term hold (5+ years) with an above-average level of risk tolerance.

Could you please rank the stocks I've listed, and indicate if there are better choices.

Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Barbara on March 15, 2022

Q: Hi Peter and team,
While Becton Dickinson and Stryker seem to have a lot in common (medical supplies, joint replacement, etc.) their performance has deviated greatly in recent years; (over the past year, less than 1% gain for BDX but almost 12% for SYK). The one I own (naturally) is BDX, which also has a lower P/E and a higher dividend. Two questions: (i) any idea why BDX has underperformed SYK so much; (ii) would you sell, hold on, or buy more of what many analysts say is a well-run company in a demographically promising business?

Read Answer Asked by James on December 23, 2021

Q: Hello Team,

Do you have a list of three top DEFIBRILLATOR Maker publicly traded companies that are good investments (I suspect they will all be US and European Companies)?

Thank you,


Read Answer Asked by Joseph on December 14, 2021

Q: In recent responses to questions regarding recommended health care posotions you like: ISRG,SYK,MDT,ABBV. I have a full position in UNH. Would you suggest a change (no tax implications) i.e., is there anything wrong with UNH is your opinion? Thanks again.

Read Answer Asked by Dan on December 13, 2021

Q: Hi Peter & team,

For US Heathcare, Iíve ABBV. I want to add one more wide moat, stable growth healthcare company. Thinking of either SYK or ISRG. Based on their current market valuation, balance sheets, and future revenue growth, which is the current preferred choice and why. Or is there another better choice? Whatís the suggested entry price? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Willie on December 13, 2021

Q: Hi Peter,

In this downtrend market could you please give your three best stocks to buy for 3 to 5 years hold in each sector in canada and US as well ?
Thank you for your best advise on this platform.


Read Answer Asked by kaushikbhai on December 10, 2021