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Investment Q&A

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Q: Good Day,

I picked up CELH and CROX based on the answer to my last question, and added in POWL to boot. Based on my portfolio in my previous question, was POWL something you would consider redundant in my account, or would you be fine with that type of addition in your portfolio.

I have been holding SNPS and CDNS for a minute now, and it just seems to bounce back and forth between +5% and -5%. Are these mostly growers on news and earnings? What are their respective Expected growth rates over the next 1 and 2 years?

This brings me to almost "fully deployed". I have noticed in the last couple weeks that the volatility in the market seems to have increased, and the average of that volatility seems to be sort of flat over this time. I have seen some videos and articles calling for the "AI Bubble" to burst, etc. Do you think there will be a cooling in that space coming? and if that occurs will the market follow it? I've seen many replies where you state that NVDA has a clear 18 month runway for growth, and thus I imagine the companies that support it as well, does that still hold true in your view? If said cooling could be coming, would it be worth the fees to say, shrink/cut some positions? Or is that too much like timing the market and thus better to stay in?

Thanks for everything,

Read Answer Asked by James on March 13, 2024
Q: Good Day,

Big wins on a lot of your recent answers to my previous questions, thanks.

Obviously there's a tonne of hype on the Semiconductor market/AI/Data Center space right now, and after picking up SMCI, VRT, etc, I came across CDNS and by proxy, SNPS as well.

It appears they have the market corners on the design software side of this market. Logically, however, this wouldn't appear to be a space that grows in the number of customers in it very readily.

Is this similar to ASMLs type of monopoly (albeit a duopoly), with growth coming from advantageous pricing conditions and the relative difficulty of a new player popping up?

Do you see these companies gaining significant share price appreciation over time? Which company is better and why? I really liked a recent question that asked where they were relative to a baseball game. For each could you relate their lifecycle to what inning in a game they are, as well as an out of 10 for risk and growth potential.

The prices of these have climbed for sure, but definitely don't seem to have exploded like the rest of the segment. Are there any other companies with this same type of competitive advantage in the semiconductor/AI space?

Read Answer Asked by James on February 12, 2024
Q: May I have your thoughts on SNPS and their acquisition of ANSYS? Since some shares are being issued to finance the purchase should I wait to see if the stock declines before taking the plunge? The market seems to like the purchase as SNPS's shares went up instead of declining when the deal was announced. The stock price was fairly steady until 2016 when it began a steep climb up, what changed? Or was it us, the buyers, whose attitude to their business changed? Is their business model very similar to NVDA or in a different niche?
Any thoughts you have would be appreciated.
Read Answer Asked by James on January 18, 2024
Q: The magnificent 7 have had a nice run in 2023. Assuming that the market is broadening out, can you suggest around 5 to 10 US stocks and/or ETFs where money is rotating to. Medium risk stocks. Also what sectors should benefit in the next phase of the economic cycle?
Read Answer Asked by Paul on December 15, 2023
Q: Can you provide a list of top companies to play the AI phenom.
Read Answer Asked by Kim on December 01, 2023
Q: Recently watched the Blackberry move and it was excellent. We know how things ended but they had a good run when they were winning but missed where the market was heading. Looking back over years there was the PC/Internet revolution followed by the mobile/smartphone revolution and now what appears to be the AI revolution. In hindsight buying and holding Microsoft, Apple, Google, Nvidia etc made sense. With AI the next frontier what stocks do you think will be the next big winners; same names as the past or are there new names we should investing in?
Read Answer Asked by Sal on November 28, 2023
Q: I understand that information technology stocks maybe "cyclical". Like for example, TTD may be more cyclical because it leans into communication for retail stocks. But for many, I'm having a difficult time deciding whether the above stocks are heavily, moderately or lightly cyclical. Please let me know how you would rate them for these 3 categories. Thanks for the help and please deduct credit that you consider is right for the work needed to answer my question.........Tom
Read Answer Asked by Tom on October 13, 2023
Q: I hold SNPS at a 2.01% weighting in the total portfolio. And in the US only portfolio, SNPS weighting is 5.04%. The other two individual portfolios are Income and Balance.  SNPS has risen quickly lately....and my reading is that it is related to AI as its "software automates the chip design process, enhancing design accuracy, productivity, and complexity in a full-flow end-to-end solution" But there is chatter that the current price, $449, is way above the fair value that might be as low as $310. Question for I trim back or just ride this out??
What says 5iR??? Thanks for your insights..............Tom
Read Answer Asked by Tom on June 07, 2023
Q: Please comment on that news:
Synopsys Unveils $250 Million Accelerated Stock Buyback Deal
09:34 AM EST, 12/16/2020 (MT Newswires) -- Synopsys (SNPS) said pre-market Wednesday that it has signed an accelerated share repurchase agreement with Mizuho Markets Americas to buy back $250 million of its shares.

Under the agreement, the software maker said it will get an initial share delivery of 824,000 shares, with the remainder, if any, to be settled by April 9.

How does that compare to other buy back program and how does it places this company among others in the same sector.

Thanks and good Holiday to all.

Stay safe
Read Answer Asked by Jean on December 17, 2020
Q: The above positions are held by my daughter's trade account and I would like to transfer a few into her TFSA. Of these, what order would you do it in, aka rank?.......(For information purposes, she currently holds these US positions in her TFSA...PLTR, ROKU, TTD and VEEV in addition to a diverse group of Cdn positions.)......Please deduct extra credits!!!
........Many thanks for the wonderful advice...Tom
Read Answer Asked by Tom on December 07, 2020