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Q: Thoughts on these quarterly results? Do you still like the long term prospects of these three growth companies?

In general, what are your thoughts on holding growthier names in this current market? It just seems that the risk of holding these positions through earnings outweighs the benefits. For example, if a company meets expectations and maintains guidance, the stock barely moves. However, any miss or lower guidance and the stock easily gets crushed 30-50%, such as NFLX, FB, UPST, RBLX, COIN, etc... Seems a lot of companies are issuing lower guidance because of all the uncertainties. Wouldn't it be better or more prudent to just sell or maybe trim the positions to reflect these risks and re-enter later?

Other growth names I have on deck soon are GSY, WELL, AT, EGLX, LSPD, NVDA, APPS, and CRWD and I'm worried about how investors will react to earnings. Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Keith on May 11, 2022

Q: Hi Team;
Can I get your take on earnings for TTD, U, RBLX? They are all falling after hours, especially Unity. Is the long term story still in place for these names? Also what are the chances of someone like FB buying out RBLX or Unity? Or..have the US regulators made it pretty much impossible for them to buy anything remotely close to being portrayed as a "monopoly" anymore? With the massive selloffs I kind of am expecting buyouts to start happening all over the place.

Also...speculative question/ rant. This last while one of the only sectors that has been working is the oil sector. Technology has been decimated...with many best in breed names falling to as much as being worth 1/10th of the value they were at a year ago. Yet...all the media has pumped to us the last few years is that "carbon is dead", "green energy is a must". And Looking around our world today all I see is technology advancing more by the day. Last year the media would portray the view that we are in early innings of a "technology revolution" ...with major advancements happening over the next couple decades. Which..with this view is why I positioned my portfolio as such. And now its been cut in half in the last year. For a 10yr plus horizon; would you agree that technology names will recover, and surpass the overall market? And would you see the technology sector the most likely to have the strongest long term growth for the next 10,20 yrs? Or am I wrong in my long term thinking here and are we going back to nothing but pro-oil and bank names? Were technology names priced last year similar to the bubble or is there a disconnect now? Speculative question I know. I can see with moves we are seeing in the market today, how investors get "jaded" from investing and pull out of the markets for years, or sometimes for a lifetime. It's frustrating for the average investor.


Read Answer Asked by Shane on May 12, 2022
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