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Q: Hi Team,
I hold the following 3 aggressive names in a US cash account (sq, rblx, apps). As a group they are down 65% , in close to equal weighting’s . What do I do with this mess? Hold at this point waiting for recovery ? Consolidate into a different safer name? Any chance for these 3 with a 3-5yr time frame ? Or is it time to take the loss and high grade to something such as a goog ? Or Maybey crox in a different sector ? Or …hope for a aggressive pop at some point , then high grade later ? Your opinion is appreciated .

Read Answer Asked by Shane on November 10, 2022

Q: Hi Team,
This is more of a general question/ observation of todays price action. On a very negative day yet again, across all major index's where it seemed almost everything is down, some of my worst performers which I thought would be down even more yet were actually positive on the day. In specific (RBLX,SHOP,SQ,TOI (almost NVDA...was positive for a while). Anyways, should we read much into this? Is this a sign that some of these beat down names may actually be flirting with bottom? Or is is just wild trading and a one off perhaps? Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks


Read Answer Asked by Shane on September 26, 2022
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