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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: The magnificent 7 have had a nice run in 2023. Assuming that the market is broadening out, can you suggest around 5 to 10 US stocks and/or ETFs where money is rotating to. Medium risk stocks. Also what sectors should benefit in the next phase of the economic cycle?
Read Answer Asked by Paul on December 15, 2023
Q: Dear Peter et al:

Thanks to your consistent answers not only to my questions but to other subscribers, I have taken a position in RY, BN and TD. BNS may follow soon.

However having browsed through literally hundreds of questions on US Financial stocks, I don't see the same consistent answers. JPM seems to get your nod mostly. Even that doesn't get the nod with the fervor with which you endorse RY for example. In general you seem to be less enthusiastic about the US big banks.

What are the US banks that you would rank in the same order as you often do in Canadian banks? i.e. equivalent to RY/TD/BNS.

Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Savalai on June 29, 2023
Q: I have some available cash in my TFSA (CAD & USD) I was wondering what are you preferred stocks to buy and hold over the summer now that the debt ceiling is lifted. I am looking for something with short term growth potential over the next 4 months but not high risk.

Read Answer Asked by Nancy on June 06, 2023
Q: Please suggest a list of 10 US stocks that would be suitable to implement a covered call income portfolio. I plan to use one month options. Thank you!
Read Answer Asked by Stephen on June 06, 2023
Q: I note that CITI Group looks cheap with a P/E of 5.7X. It also has a nice yield of 4.16% and a Book Value twice that of it's share price. I would appreciate you opinion of this company as a long term hold. Also, I would appreciate your opinion regarding the significance of P/E and Book Value.
Read Answer Asked by Dennis on April 26, 2023
Q: I notice that with it's new FDIC unlimited guarantee SVB is marketing itself as the safest bank for depositors. With an unlimited guarantee, it is equivalent to holding reserves at the central bank. How does the competition respond if their guarantee is limited to $250k, or as is the case in Canada, $100k? How will banking change now that depositors know that they can be made safe/whole by the stroke of a regulators pen? Are we looking at a fundamental change to banking? How should investors position for this?
Your thoughts are appreciated.
Read Answer Asked by michael on March 17, 2023
Q: With bank failures in the forefront these days would you still consider HISA ETF's safe in this environment? Will the issues in the banking sector affect the NAV prices of these ETF's?
Read Answer Asked by Kyle on March 17, 2023
Q: Good afternoon.

Please provide me with a list of your top - rock solid - US Banks.

Are there any with a yield of 4% or greater that will have dividend and price growth.

Read Answer Asked by Dave on March 02, 2023
Q: Good Morning 5i.

I am looking for some US income suggestions.

Preferably with yield’s in excess of 4%.

Long term - safe and secure - holds with potential for dividend and value growth.

Thanks very much.

Read Answer Asked by Dave on February 06, 2023
Q: Hi 5i happy new year! I believe its time to step into US perpetual preferred shares due to interest rates. I'm having problems finding these and I'm hoping you can help. Quality needs to be high to the highest as this is for my retirement. I am an advocate of diversification so please if you can have a few stable sectors listed, thanks!
Read Answer Asked by Mark on January 09, 2023
Q: Hi Peter,

I will soon be receiving my pension funds from my ex-employer to put in my LIRA.
Can you suggest a few stocks with a decent upside....time frame 10-15 years.
Read Answer Asked by HARRY on November 11, 2022
Q: could you suggest a few canadian and us equities you would recommend today for a balanced approach, and a brief supporting comment...thank you
Read Answer Asked by Steven on November 10, 2022
Q: I have some $US to invest. What would you recommend? And why?

Thanks for your help
Read Answer Asked by christianne on October 12, 2022
Q: Understanding that we are currently seeing significant negative sentiment and volatility, can you please rank your current top Cdn and U.S. quality-name buying opportunity candidates that will reward patient investors with 3-5 year time horizons?
Read Answer Asked by Chris on September 26, 2022
Q: i would like to buy an etf (vanguard) with safety or stock with a high yield during these unsettled times
What would you advise ?.Can you please give me a few choices
Read Answer Asked by gabriel on September 21, 2022
Q: Do you think the selling in US banks is overdone? They have really taken a big hit lately. I would think with rising rates, they would be going up instead of dropping. Is this because of the war in Ukraine and their interests in Russia, or are there other factors at play here?

Which one is your favourite right now? I don't own any of them, but am thinking of starting a position.
Read Answer Asked by Ed on April 07, 2022