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Q: Hi Peter and Company:
I am a growth investor, presently down on above 4 Canadian and 5 US companies.
Should I keep, sell, add or replace e.g. GC with TSGI.
Since US market usually outperforms CAN market I am fine buying all best US growth
companies that you will recommend.....or mixture of US and CAN companies. Long term hold fine but not required. I will trade as required, i.e. when becoming aware of it. E.g. missed selling MX, where I had an nice gain but no alert to sell and now a significant loss.
Thanks for your advice

Read Answer Asked by Klaus on May 17, 2019

Q: What are you're thoughts on WBA's earnings. Given the recent selloff would you still hold it for the long term or sell. I do not mind volatility. If it is a sell what US stock would you replace it with for growth. Thanks Chris

Read Answer Asked by chris on April 25, 2019
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