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Q: I have these equities in my US Margin Account. I would like to raise some additional cash ... just in case. Which of above would you trim first. Are there any which should be sold for a tax loss if possible such as CRM and ISRG, where I am slightly negativ.
Thanks for your answer

Read Answer Asked by Albert on May 08, 2020

Q: Hello Peter & Team,

Everyone is starting to focus on how to re-open the economy and what it might look like. All Elective Surgeries were cancelled as well all know, and as a result there is an estimated 30,000 patients who have had their surgery put on hold. Catching up on the back-log is going to take a number of years.

The private sector is going to be heavily leaned to help with this catch-up. Do you have any idea which companies and/or sector(s) might benefit from this in the coming years?

Thanks for all you do


Read Answer Asked by Gord on May 11, 2020

Q: what are the best companies to buy that will benefit from research and development of robotics? also is there an it there an ETF in this area that you like? thanks Richard

Read Answer Asked by richard on April 28, 2020
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