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Q: Happily I do not hold either BNS or TD.

What I find very shareholder unfriendly is the bank setting aside $2 billion and $4 billion respectively for emplyee bonuses.

That is billion.

YTD BNS stock is down 8% and TD stock is down 6%.

Not sure why shareholders accept this type of expenditure.

If my math is right thats a $44,444 bonus for every one of TD's 90k employees and a $22,222 bonus for everyone of BNS worldwide employees.

Pretty excessive if you ask me, given their stock performance.

Read Answer Asked by Sheldon on December 04, 2023
Q: I seem to recall one of the "Market Masters" saying the time to load up on Financials is after they have been crushed. I know you don't necessarily like the expression "load up" but if you wanted to increase your Cdn bank exposure are there one or two you think stand out as having the biggest bounce potential from here, or would you forget about trying to be right on one or two securities and just buy the ETF if you believe the whole sector might recover from these levels? Thanks for your thoughts.
Read Answer Asked by Stephen R. on December 01, 2023
Q: I am finally going to dump my AQN holdings and would like to redeploy capital to get similar dividend yield. I hold hold postions in all of the other stocks listed. How would you rank order them in terms of value/upside and are there any particular standouts which you would recommend for a buy now. Thanks
Read Answer Asked by Gary on November 28, 2023
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