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Q: Just wanted to make you and your readers aware. BNS indicated they will not be raising their dividend for the entire year. They will not be considering an increase until 1 year from now. This bank raised twice a year for years. Then, in 2022 they only raised once by a small amount. Same story in 2023: only 1 small raise. Now, no raise at all for the entire year.

Please note that dividend increases are important to retirees.
Read Answer Asked by Greg on June 03, 2024
Q: Dear Peter et al:

You can call me a "Nervous Nellie" if you want (!) but I am older than you and know that sometimes the story like TD to play out can take a looong time!

If one is sitting in a small loss position in TD, worth switching to another bank like RY or BNS? Or move into a riskier stock like GSY or an insurance co like SLF? I know it is comparing Apples VS Oranges. Nothing against TD. I am sure it will bounce back. But I can "see" it moving sideways for a while. Just an old man's opinion.
Read Answer Asked by Savalai on May 29, 2024
Q: BNS - Stock Charts on 05/28/24 as the next earnings, Yahoo Fin. has 03/01/24 as ex div. payment. The question is, if I sell on 03/02/24 will I receive the div.

LMN - I'm thinking of buying more of this stock. It appears to me that this is a good time, for it has traded sideways for the last week.
Question what is the outlook for this stock in 24/25 yrs.

PRL - Bruce Murray was on BNN Mar 19/24 and commented about Propel Holdings Inc. PRL-TSX. I checked on Yahoo Fin. and they indicated full year earnings 7 days ago beat expectations, but it doesn't appear the market was not impressed. What can you tell me about this company. Yahoo indicated some red flags.
So I would greatly appreciate your input.
Thank You very much Appreciate your service
Read Answer Asked by Earl on March 22, 2024
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