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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hey Guys,

With a lot of hype and interest in the EV space, Vehicles, Etc. , I am hearing a lot about Copper ,Silver and Lithium moving forward as an Investment Theme...

1. Please provide a few Pure Play Copper, Silver and Lithium Companies you think will be good investments going into this stage...
- Large Caps
- Small Caps with good spec potential

2. If another Sleeper Metal play, in your opinion stands out in this theme, please advise...


Read Answer Asked by michael on October 04, 2023

Q: I am interested in placing an investment in the near future in a base metal producer; preferring a copper focus. I'd appreciate your take first, on the timing of such an investment given where we are in the economic cycle and second, your selection of a "top 3" to invest in. Thanks for the insights.

Read Answer Asked by Dave on August 31, 2023

Q: best way to play cooper ??? for rewards of future electrification

Read Answer Asked by JOSEPH on August 30, 2023

Q: Hi team,

Can you please list your:

1. Top 3 material stocks that trade on a usa exchange?

2. Top 3 gold/silver that trade on a usa exchange?

Iím looking for mid cap (mid risk with mid growth)


Read Answer Asked by David on August 28, 2023

Q: Hi group can you help me understand how to get a dividend for my cash that I have presently (100 k ) its sitting in my RBC direct investing account / they do not give any interest for this money.
Can you walk me thru what to buy / I need its to be liquid (I want to use the cash if/when we go into a pullback/ downturn.

2 nd question
Please give me your top pick in each sector regardless of US or CAD

Thanks for your help with this

Read Answer Asked by Terence on July 04, 2023

Q: hi, portfolio analytics says I am underweight basic materials, consumer defensive, healthcare and industrials. can you provide a few Canadian and US equities in each category, that you would consider for medium to long term investment.
cheers, chris ( take as many credits as you need ).
further, I am overweight in utilities ( 18.6% of total holdings ) and financials ( 25.5 %). do you recommend trimming these 2 sectors? and in financials I own BN and BAM ( which I would suspect actually have cross-over with other sectors? )??
cheers, chris

Read Answer Asked by chris on June 23, 2023

Q: If one wanted to invest in copper, what would i5R recommend, both individual companies & ETFs. Please give a brief financial explanation for each recommendations. Thanks. Ö Cal

Read Answer Asked by cal on June 21, 2023

Q: I have no exposure to Materials or Utilities right now in our RRSP. All other sectors are well represented. What stocks would be your preferred in Canada and/or the US in those sectors? Thinking of NTR or SJ maybe in Canada and perhaps LIN in the US. Maybe FTS or BIP for utilities.Thoughts?

Read Answer Asked by Gerry on May 09, 2023

Q: Can you please give us your recommendations on Nickle, Cooper and Platinum stocks and ETF for both Markets.

I heard above will be key in EV and green energy. Supply will be low so prices will go up. What are your thoughts.

Can you also provide your recommendations on Mining, Chemical Processing, Battery Component Production and Battery Cell Production stocks and ETF in both Markets.

Thanks for the great service you have been providing to small investors at reasonable price.

Read Answer Asked by Hector on April 26, 2023

Q: Given the current economic climate and potential future trends, which industries or sectors do you believe are well-positioned for long-term growth in the stock market, and what specific Canadian and US companies within those industries or sectors do you believe have strong fundamentals and potential for long-term momentum?

Thank you!


Read Answer Asked by Derek on April 26, 2023

Q: How do you think SU will do in the next couple years and what would be your top 5 favorite energy plays in the Canadian Market? Also, with China reopening, US dollar on a downtrend and noticing several major Metal/Copper stocks gapping up like FCX and VALE, SCCO, how would you rank these and what are your top 5 companies domestic or international to take adv of rising commoditiy/metal prices

Read Answer Asked by Sheldon on April 17, 2023

Q: A number of precious metals companies have exposure to copper as well. Which ones in your opinion (large cap, mid-cap & small cap) are best positioned to benefit from a rise in copper demand?

Read Answer Asked by Brian on March 23, 2023

Q: Hi Peter and Team,

Happy Friday! Question for you about investing in vehicles related to copper. It feels like we are in and headed for a greater supply crunch for Copper as a commodity and I am wondering what your thoughts are on the direction of copper and best ways to be involved in the sector.

I put Foran Mining Company as the specific company for this question as I know Pierre Lassonde is involved in that and he is a legend in the industry so curious on your thoughts on it or if you have other ideas. Please feel free to take more than one credit if this is multiple questions.


Read Answer Asked by Marc on March 13, 2023