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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hello Folks:
Currently we own CMI and NOC however have in the past also owned DEERE and CAT.

We have owned NOC for a couple of years and it never comes close to meeting expectations; while the other three have done well.

What do you think of swapping NOC for DEERE as there is heavy demand for farm equipment this year because of high crop prices (particularly U.S.).

How would you rank these four companies and do you feel there are other better large cap U.S. company choices in this sector?

Thanks again for this wonderful service

Read Answer Asked by Brian on September 28, 2021

Q: On CNBC on Friday Tom Lee disclosed these 20 as his "Epicentre Stock Portfolio" and opined that the bottom is in. He seems to be quite revered and apparently his calls have been more correct than not. Could you list your best seven from this list that you would buy today in order. Any other comment of course welcomed as well - Ken

Read Answer Asked by Ken on May 17, 2021

Q: Hello,
I am looking at the equipment manufacturers and auto industry as possible directions for new investments. The above names are ones I have been considering but am interested in knowing what you think about heavy equipment versus automotive and within those categories, what you think might be the better choices.

Many thanks,

Read Answer Asked by V on April 21, 2021

Q: The next big move by Biden is Infrastructure . What are areas that will benefit and what Companies would you recommend. ?
Steel, cement, lumber, copper, machinery . Are there companies that rent machinery.? It is rumoured that up to $5 billion will be spent. What Construction companies will benefit. Thanks 5 I RAK.

Read Answer Asked by bob on March 15, 2021

Q: Hello Folks:
What is your opinion of these companies:
Caterpillar, cummins, cosco, walmart
I currently own caterpillar, cummins and cosco. Cummins and cosco have turned out very well. while caterpillar has struggled. Do you think industrials have much upside?
I am interested in what consumer staple businesses or others you may recommend such as cosco, walmart, touche card etc. to see us through these strange times.
Thank you very much

Read Answer Asked by Brian on October 07, 2020

Q: What are 10 best picks in USA for next 2 years. What is your view on CAT & FDX


Read Answer Asked by bob on August 17, 2020

Q: Hi. These companies are all from the industrial group of the S & P Dividend Aristocrats list. I'm looking to invest in one or two of them, to hold for the long term. Do any stand out to you? Any that you would avoid?

Read Answer Asked by William on July 29, 2020

Q: In my opinion the U.S. China trade relations will soon improve. One reason being Trump does not want to go into an election without the economy firing on all cylinders. Can you suggest a stock that will benefit from the easing of trade barriers.

Read Answer Asked by Brian on November 18, 2019

Q: Thanks for the News Update. and it mentions adding Industrials. For that last few weeks, I'm pondering adding industrial positions to my balanced, diversified US portfolio. I assigned a 15% weighting to the US industrial sector. My current positions are UTX at 4.6% weighting and FDX at 2.6% These two total 7.2% and as a result, I could add 7.8%. Please provide a few US names in this sector for my consideration, including adding to bring FDX to 4%........Appreciate you insights....Tom

Read Answer Asked by Tom on October 03, 2018

Q: Currently UTX is the only industrial stock in my portfolio and I would like to add two or three more to bring industrials up to 15 to 20% of my total portfolio. I have a very long-term total return focus. What are your favorite industrial stocks (either Canadian or US) at this time? thx

Read Answer Asked by John on August 02, 2018